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After read­ing the ar­ti­cle about Alan Hamil­ton ( AMC #88), I was prompted to tell a story from 1972 when my world renowned ar­chi­tect broth­erin-law, Bar­rie Mar­shall (DCM), was start­ing out and go­ing to Eng­land to work. He took the op­por­tu­nity to buy a new 911 T as, in those days, he could or­der and pur­chase in Aus­tralia, and pick up in Stuttgart Ger­many, duty-free, pro­vided he stayed with the car and kept the car out of Aus­tralia for three months prior to bring­ing it home.

At the end of three months he sent the car home by ship, ask­ing me to pick it up at the Port Mel­bourne docks as he and his wife were stay­ing in Eng­land for a fur­ther six months. I ar­rived at the wharf as it was be­ing un­loaded, only to find it wasn’t that sim­ple, and the car had to go into a bond store, and was go­ing to sit on the wharf amongst the cranes, fork­lifts and wharfies un­til the is­sues were ad­dressed. How naïve was I!

I knew Alan Hamil­ton from mo­tor rac­ing, and so went straight to ‘Hamil­tons’ as it was called, in Chapel Street, South Yarra, and told Alan about the predica­ment. He im­me­di­ately took charge and by the end of the day the car was in ‘bond’ at Chapel Street.

When brother-in-law Bar­rie re­turned to Oz six months later, we went straight to Hamil­tons to pick the car up. And here it was, ser­viced, de­tailed and reg­is­tered, ready to go, and apart from the reg­is­tra­tion fee, there were no charges.

Bar­rie went on to buy a fur­ther five new 911s over the fol­low­ing years, with his part­ners also buy­ing Porsches.

Alan Hamil­ton is pretty well revered among the Porsche com­mu­nity.

PS: That 911 T has been fully re­stored (owner un­known). Phillip Beat­son Up­per Fern­tree Gully, VIC

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