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That’s our old car!

We are cer­tain we owned the Nugget Gold Ford Fal­con GT-HO Phase III (Eureka! cover car in AMC is­sue #95) from 1973 to 1978. We pur­chased this car and then had it tuned by Noel Ward, who was amaz­ing. When we bought it, the regis­tra­tion plates were (NSW) NW157. We then reg­is­tered it in the ACT and was then YEO076. We drove it for three years, and then it sat in a garage in Flynn, ACT for two years, as we re­lo­cated to North Queens­land for work. We had Bob Dunn re­paint it af­ter some­one kicked the driver’s side pas­sen­ger door in. Noel also re­built the diff with a 4.1:1 ra­tio to make it eas­ier to drive around town. The mo­tor was painted black and Noel had the air-cleaner and tap­pet cov­ers done in a black cam­era fin­ish. Heater hoses were re­placed with chrome ½-inch cop­per. We also fit­ted globe mags to the car.

WED: Ian and Bron­wen, thanks for fill­ing in the only gap in this mag­nif­i­cent car’s own­er­ship his­tory. We bet you were sur­prised to learn of the car’s John Goss con­nec­tion.

What about Gossy’s Phase II?


read­ing the John Goss story ( AMC #94) and how he chose the True Blue Phase III to race at Bathurst in­stead of Nugget Gold ex­am­ple, it got me won­der­ing about its pre­de­ces­sor. Es­pe­cially as his 1974 Bathurst win­ner is no longer with us, but his 1969, 1971, 1975 and 1978 Bathurst en­tries have sur­vived. How about see­ing if his True Blue 1970 XW GT-HO Phase II Bathurst en­try is ei­ther still with us or sadly no longer with us? I un­der­stand it is one of only two 1970 Phase IIs painted True Blue.

Ward dis­trib­u­tor sur­vives

Read­ing your ar­ti­cle on the Eureka GT-HO Phase III, I came up to the part about Noel Ward, auto elec­tri­cian, Hurstville and thought, ‘S**t, I know this bloke!’ Back around 1977 I was run­ning my hot road LJ To­rana S at street drags held at Castlereagh and some­how I ended up at Noel’s work­shop in

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