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Ayurvedic heal­ers con­sider Hi­malayan shi­la­jit to be an anti-ag­ing sub­stance, which can also help men with hor­monal im­bal­ances. Re­searchers at the J. B. Roy State Ayurvedic Med­i­cal Col­lege and Hos­pi­tal in In­dia gave shi­la­jit to in­fer­tile men, and ob­served that their fer­til­ity and testos­terone lev­els im­proved as a re­sult. In the moun­tains of the Cau­ca­sus and Al­tai, and in the Hi­malayas, heal­ers col­lect shi­la­jit, a largely or­ganic sub­stance con­tain­ing hu­mic acid and with a low molec­u­lar weight. One of the main com­po­nents of shi­la­jit is ful­vic acid. Lo­cally shi­la­jit is known as ‘blood of the moun­tain’ or ‘rock sweat’, and heal­ing properties are at­trib­uted to it. In the Ayurvedic sys­tem of medicine shi­la­jit is con­sid­ered a rasayana, a re­ju­ve­na­tor. In In­dia shi­la­jit is traded as a li­bido and fer­til­ity-en­hanc­ing sup­ple­ment. Sup­ple­ments com­pa­nies claim m that ful­vic acids can clear the body of heavy met­als. The re­searchers were cu­ri­ous to know whether the lat­ter prop­erty could be demon­strated in a sci­en­tific study. They gave e 28 in­fer­tile men aged be­tween 30 and 45, all of whom had a low w sperm count, 200 mg of a pu­ri­fied shi­la­jit ex­tract ev­ery day for 90 days. The 200 mg dose was di­vided over two in­take mo­ments, and the men took the sup­ple­ment af­ter meals. The study showed that dur­ing the sup­ple­men­ta­tion pe­riod the men’s sperm count rose. The cells were also more motile and health­ier. Ox­ida­tive stress de­creased and the testos­terone level rose by 23.5 per­cent. The re­searchers sus­pect that shi­la­jit com­po­nents re­duce dam­age from free rad­i­cals in the testes, and thus boost the pro­duc­tion of testos­terone and sperm. The re­duc­tion in num­bers of one type of white blood cell in the men sug­gests that some at least were suf­fer­ing from an in­fec­tion, and that the shi­la­jit helped fight this. The study was fi­nanced by the Amer­i­can com­pany Na­treon, on, which pro­duces stan­dard­ised Ayurvedic prepa­ra­tions. ations.

Ref­er­ence:An­drolo­gia. 2010010 Feb;42(1):48-56.

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