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Add nine kilo­grams of lean body mass to your frame in just twelve weeks? Sounds im­prob­a­ble but Amer­i­can sports sci­en­tists say it’s pos­si­ble – if you train like crazy in the gym and take 3 g HMB Free Acid and 400 mg ATP ev­ery day. At the an­nual meet­ing of the In­ter­na­tional Society of Sports Nu­tri­tion, Ryan Low­ery, an Amer­i­can sports sci­en­tist, pre­sented his frankly dra­matic re­sults. His poster was en­ti­tled Ef­fects of 12 Weeks of Beta-­Hy­droxy­Beta-Methyl­bu­tyrate Free Acid, Adeno­sine Triphos­phate, or a Com­bi­na­tion on Mus­cle Mass, Strength, and Power in Re­sis­tance Trained In­di­vid­u­als. For the record, Low­ery’s study was fi­nanced by Meta­bolic Tech­nolo­gies, the com­pany that dis­cov­ered the mus­cle en­hanc­ing ef­fect of HMB and patented the sub­stance too. MT and those in­volved are how­ever mod­est in their pub­li­ca­tion. The re­searchers had the subjects do in­ten­sive weight train­ing for 12 weeks. For two weeks the subjects over­trained: in weeks 9 and 10 the re­searchers put in an over­reach­ing cy­cle with a high train­ing vol­ume. Dur­ing the last two weeks of the ex­per­i­ment the subjects took it rel­a­tively easy. The re­searchers di­vided their subjects into four groups. The subjects in the placebo group were given fake sup­ple­ments. The subjects in the HMB group took a daily 3 g HMB Free Acid – a prod­uct man­u­fac­tured by Meta­bolic Tech­nolo­gies. The subjects in the ATP group were given 400 mg daily of TSI’s Peak ATP, a patented cap­sule con­tain­ing ATP. The max­i­mal strength of the peo­ple in the placebo group de­creased. It in­creased in the sup­ple­ment tak­ing groups. The strength of the par­tic­i­pants who took both HMB Free Acid and ATP in­creased most. The re­searchers used DXA tech­nol­ogy to mea­sure the amount of lean body mass that the subjects built up dur­ing the 12 weeks. The placebo group mem­bers built up 2.1 kg lean body mass. In the HMB Free Acid group the ac­cu­mu­la­tion was 7.4 kg; in the ATP group 4.0 kg and in the HMB Free Acid+ATP group 8.5 kg. Wow. Nearly 9 kg lean body mass. How is that pos­si­ble? Well... maybe it’s be­cause the com­bined sup­ple­men­ta­tion led to a dras­tic re­duc­tion in mus­cle dam­age caused by the heavy strength­train­ing scheme. The con­cen­tra­tion of cre­a­tine ki­nase, an in­di­ca­tor of mus­cle dam­age, de­creased no­tice­ably more in the HMB­ATP group than in the placebo group. It should be said that mea­sur­ing body com­po­si­tion us­ing DXA is an art. If it’s done by a stu­dent rather than an ex­pe­ri­enced tech­nol­ogy, the re­sults are likely to be du­bi­ous. But even so, an 8.5 kg in­crease in lean body mass is al­most un­be­liev­able. The re­searchers be­lieve that the HMB­ATP combo en­ables strength ath­letes to train in such a way that their mus­cles get a strong growth stim­u­lus, with­out break­ing down more mus­cle tis­sue than the body is able to build up. “The com­bi­na­tion of ATP and HMB showed syn­er­gis­tic ef­fects and seems to be a sup­ple­ment ex­tremely use­ful to those push­ing their lim­its”, says co­au­thor Ralf Jaeger of In­cren­ovo. If you’re think­ing of ex­per­i­ment­ing with ATP and HMB then Jaeger has an­other tip for you. There are in­di­ca­tions that cre­a­tine and HMB re­in­force each other’s ef­fect on mus­cle mass, and this study shows that ATP and HMB re­in­force each other’s ef­fect, says Jaeger. Maybe strength ath­letes can boost their pro­gres­sion even fur­ther by stack­ing cre­a­tine, HMB and ATP!

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