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Strength ath­letes who dis­solve their cre­a­tine in fluid re­act a lit­tle bet­ter to the sup­ple­ment than ath­letes who take their cre­a­tine in neat pow­der form. British sports sci­en­tists at Univer­sity Col­lege Chich­ester dis­cov­ered over ten years ago, that you can dis­solve cre­a­tine in wa­ter at home with­out hav­ing to worry about it con­vert­ing into an in­ac­tive form. Cre­a­tine doesn’t start to break down un­til af­ter 8-12 hours. How well cre­a­tine dis­solves in wa­ter de­pends on the tem­per­a­ture. The more acid a so­lu­tion, the more cre­a­tine you can dis­solve in it. This idea lies be­hind the many in­ter­est­ing forms of cre­a­tine that are avail­able on the mar­ket: add an acid­i­fier (and sell the re­sult as cre­a­tine cit­rate, cre­a­tine malate or cre­a­tine pyru­vate) and you’ll in­crease the sol­u­bil­ity and your body will ab­sorb the cre­a­tine bet­ter, the the­ory goes. As far as sol­u­bil­ity goes the sup­ple­ment­mak­ers’ the­ory holds wa­ter. In 1 l wa­ter at 20 de­grees Cel­sius you can dis­solve 14 g cre­a­tine, 29 g cre­a­tine cit­rate and up to 54 g cre­a­tine pyru­vate. Now, cre­a­tine cit­rate and cre­a­tine pyru­vate don’t con­sist com­pletely of cre­a­tine. So if you take that into ac­count, then the sol­u­bil­ity of cre­a­tine cit­rate and cre­a­tine pyru­vate are re­spec­tively 1.6 and 2.6 times that of or­di­nary cre­a­tine. All very in­ter­est­ing. But does it ac­tu­ally make any dif­fer­ence if you dis­solve cre­a­tine ­ in what­ever form ­ or not? Ac­cord­ing to the Brits it does. They gave five test subjects a dose of 2.3 g cre­a­tine on three dif­fer­ent oc­ca­sions. On one oc­ca­sion the re­searchers dis­solved the cre­a­tine in 250 ml wa­ter at 30 de­grees Cel­sius [so­lu­tion]; on an­other oc­ca­sion they dis­solved the pow­der in a glass of iced wa­ter [the wa­ter was so cold that the cre­a­tine hardly dis­solved] [sus­pen­sion] and on a third oc­ca­sion they mixed pow­dered cre­a­tine with ground up sweets [lozenge]. When the re­searchers ex­am­ined the blood of their test subjects they saw that the cre­a­tine con­cen­tra­tion was high­est af­ter they had in­gested cre­a­tine in so­lu­tion. Dur­ing the six hours that they mon­i­tored the blood of their test subjects, the re­searchers mea­sured 20 per­cent more cre­a­tine af­ter the subjects had drunk cre­a­tine that was dis­solved in wa­ter com­pared to cre­a­tine taken in straight pow­der form. On top of this your mus­cles ab­sorb cre­a­tine a lit­tle bet­ter dur­ing a train­ing ses­sion. So be­fore, dur­ing or just af­ter a work­out is a good mo­ment to drink your cre­a­tine so­lu­tion.

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