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Junk food may com­pro­mise brain health. Post ex­er­cise hor­mones pre­dict bi­o­log­i­cal age. The new num­bers you need to know. 6 things you can do to live to 100! Live longer with healthy fats. Work stress in your 40’s may hit you later on.


A plethora of pre­vi­ous stud­ies sug­gest dele­te­ri­ous ef­fects of rou­tine con­sump­tion of fat-or su­gar-laden foods. Mar­garet J. Mor­ris, from the Univer­sity of New South Wales (Aus­tralia), and col­leagues stud­ied the im­pact of a diet high in fat and su­gar on lab­o­ra­tory rats. The re­searchers ob­serve that such foods re­sulted in mem­ory im­pair­ments, af­ter just one week. Specif­i­cally, the cog­ni­tive im­pair­ment was re­lated to place recog­ni­tion – where the an­i­mals showed poor abil­ity to no­tice when an ob­ject have been moved to a new lo­ca­tion. The an­i­mals also had in­flam­ma­tion of the hip­pocam­pal re­gion of the brain, which is as­so­ci­ated with spa­tial mem­ory. Study au­thors re­port that: “These re­sults show that rel­a­tively short ex­po­sures to di­ets rich in both fat and su­gar or rich in su­gar, im­pair .... mem­ory … and sug­gest a role for ox­ida­tive stress and neu­roin­flam­ma­tion in this im­pair­ment.”

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