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Deb Re­viere shares her mo­ti­va­tional mantra on pur­su­ing your dreams no mat­ter what life throws at you.

This is for those of you who have the courage to go af­ter your dreams. Who dare to have a vi­sion. Who el­e­vate your­selves phys­i­cally and men­tally ev­ery day. This is for those of you, for whom medi­ocrity, is NOT an op­tion. Yeah, I’m talk­ing to you! Learn to roll with the punches. Do not let the slings and ar­rows of life get in the way of your suc­cess. They will come, but whether you use them as an ex­cuse to stop, or you get up off the ground and keep mov­ing is up to you.

You have to be­lieve be­cause if you don’t- no­body else will. Life is go­ing to test you You can­not let a neg­a­tive mind-set be the ob­struc­tion that keeps you from be­ing the best that you can be. You will get down. It doesn’t mat­ter. You won’t feel like get­ting up for your 5:30am work-out. It doesn’t mat­ter. There will be re­la­tion­ship dra­mas, no time, no money. It doesn’t mat­ter. You don’t have to FEEL like it You have the abil­ity to el­e­vate yourself above your cir­cum­stances through the power of your com­mit­ment. All you have to do is just keep mov­ing. Be­lieve in yourself Know that you are worth the ef­fort and de­serv­ing of suc­cess. The price is ac­tion. If you can drag yourself to the gym on an off day when all con­spires against you, you are al­ready a cham­pion. Soar when you’re able to soar When you’re in­spired- it’s easy. But when it gets tough and life knocks you down and you’re lay­ing on your face - Get Up. Crawl if you have to Crawl un­til the storm passes but keep mov­ing. To keep mov­ing when things be­come dif­fi­cult- This is hero­ism, this is lead­er­ship. These small acts of hero­ism trans­form you into an ath­lete who has self-re­spect-who has pride. This is win­ning! Courage is not- and never has been the ab­sence of fear. It’s not about ego, it’s not about swag­ger- For­get That. Courage is about tak­ing ac­tion in the midst of chal­lenge. A well dis­guised friend that can make us, or break us. So next time you’re on the ground, take stock. Ask the hard ques­tions. Who am I? What am I made of? Okay, it’s a cri­sis, but you ei­ther con­trol life- or life con­trols you. So stand up to be counted and stand tall.

You’re not just rolling. You’re rolling with pride.

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