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Go­ing by the ti­tle of my mes­sage at first glance you may think it has some­thing to do with num­bers or maths. Well in a way it does but it goes a lot fur­ther than this and you will soon dis­cover why. It’s ac­tu­ally quite funny be­cause I am not re­ally a num­bers per­son, my strengths come from my cre­ative flair. In fact at school I was lousy at maths, but you can’t be good at ev­ery­thing I guess. Num­bers, num­bers they are every­where and for many folk num­bers tend to over­ride the real fun­da­men­tals and foun­da­tion of the things we do and love. The fit­ness in­dus­try is loaded with num­bers. From count­ing calo­ries, grams of protein, carbs and fats. Mea­sur­ing our waist lines or the size of our bi­ceps and the amount of sets, and reps we per­form dur­ing a work­out. Now, this is where num­bers can be de­cep­tive, be­cause ev­ery­thing looks great on paper but in many in­stances all those num­bers do not trans­form into real life re­sults from our ef­forts. I liken num­bers to a ma­gi­cians bag of tricks, most of those tricks are based on il­lu­sions. You think be­cause you eat X amount of calo­ries or do X amount of sets or reps you should get re­sults. But it does not al­ways pan out be­cause num­bers work a lit­tle like cheap tricks. You think what you are see­ing looks real but it’s not! In fact your body could not care less about num­bers es­pe­cially when it comes to body trans­for­ma­tion. The truth is get­ting ob­sessed with how many calo­ries you in­gest or spend­ing hours for­mu­lat­ing some math­e­mat­i­cal equa­tion on how many reps and sets you do will dis­tract you from the true essence of what re­ally mat­ters. Get­ting into great shape is not rocket sci­ence, de­spite what some people may have told you. The most im­por­tant key to get­ting amaz­ing re­sults from your ef­forts in and out of the gym is mak­ing ev­ery­thing you do count. And I am not re­fer­ring to some fancy cal­cu­la­tion, I am talk­ing about ap­plied ef­fort. Mak­ing each rep you per­form in the gym count, each mouth­ful of food count and any­thing else you do re­lated to health and fit­ness. Let me give you a cou­ple of ex­am­ples. In­stead of look­ing for some magic bul­let train­ing pro­gram fo­cus on mak­ing ev­ery rep you per­form count. Don’t just throw the weights around or fling them in a hap­haz­ard fash­ion. Ev­ery rep makes up a set, ev­ery set makes up an ex­er­cise and fi­nally ev­ery ex­er­cise makes up a work­out. How­ever, the foun­da­tion of this is mak­ing EV­ERY rep count. For­get about the num­bers. Your body is not a sim­ple cal­cu­la­tor that dishes out re­sults based on math­e­mat­ics. Its a com­plex ma­chine that re­sponds to ap­plied ef­fort. The more load you place upon a mus­cle over that one rep the greater the re­sults. If each rep is sloppy, the foun­da­tion falls to pieces and so will your re­sults. I find it quite funny when I see some novice train­ers spend most of their time writ­ing ev­ery­thing down in a work­out diary yet their ex­er­cise form is ridicu­lous! This is a bla­tant ex­am­ple of work­out by num­bers. Ne­glect­ing the true essence of a work­out.... mak­ing ev­ery rep count. Yet an­other ex­am­ple I like to stress is the de­cep­tive con­cept of count­ing calo­ries. Calo­ries are a man made mea­sure of the amount of en­ergy in any given food item. How­ever they DO NOT mea­sure nutrient con­tent, the most im­por­tant el­e­ment to the hu­man body! In all hon­esty your body could not care less how many calo­ries you in­gest. It is built on nu­tri­ents, macro and mi­cronu­tri­ents as they are known these days. Pro­teins, carbs and fats plus vi­ta­mins and min­er­als. The most im­por­tant el­e­ments for us gym folk are pro­teins and es­sen­tial fats. The hu­man body is a finely tuned chemical fac­tory that con­verts the food you eat into liv­ing breath­ing tis­sue..... Hope­fully mus­cle in our case! As I said ear­lier your body does not give a damn about how many calo­ries you take in. But what it does care about is the nutrient den­sity of the food. In all re­al­ity if you want to get caught up on num­bers the goal should be to in­gest as few calo­ries as you can but deliver the MOST nu­tri­ents! This way you can burn fat and build mus­cle at the same time. I am not go­ing to go too deep into nu­tri­tion as I have cov­ered this in pre­vi­ous is­sues of my mag­a­zine nu­mer­ous times. The point I am try­ing to make is do not get caught up on de­cep­tive num­bers think­ing that it will work for you. Fo­cus on what re­ally counts. Stop look­ing for some mag­i­cal equa­tion or fancy pro­gram when the an­swers are right be­fore you eyes. Most of­ten people over­com­pli­cate a sit­u­a­tion and end up frus­trated as they drift fur­ther away from the what re­ally works. I have seen more people throw in their fit­ness towel be­cause they be­come stressed by all the num­bers thrown at them. Stop fo­cus­ing purely on num­bers and fo­cus on mak­ing ev­ery­thing you do count. Start from the ground up, ev­ery rep you do, ev­ery meal you con­sume should be based on it’s nu­tri­tional value, not its calo­rie con­tent! Trust me, if you fol­low this sim­ple ad­vice you will save yourself a lot of frus­tra­tion and the re­sults will re­veal them­selves much faster than any mag­i­cal cal­cu­la­tion.

Yours in health and fit­ness

Steve Jones Edi­tor / CEO Aus­tralian Nat­u­ral Bodz

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