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For those strug­gling to build some im­pres­sive up­per body size across the chest, back and tri­ceps there is no bet­ter ex­er­cise than the Dumb­bell cross bench pullover. For sure, it will never be as pop­u­lar as the bench press or curl but the ben­e­fits that this ex­er­cise has to of­fer are sub­stan­tial. This move­ment was a sta­ple in the Arnold-era and is still one of my all time fa­vorite ex­er­cises. For some strange rea­son, this su­perb ex­er­cise seems to have fallen out of people’s rou­tines. Maybe it’s be­cause there are too many fancy ma­chines or it’s just fallen out of trend. I want to be 100% straight down the line with you. If you are se­ri­ous about build­ing an im­pres­sive physique you have to in­clude the dumb­bell pullover in your rou­tine. Let’s face the facts; if it was good enough for Arnold, it’s def­i­nitely good enough for you. If done prop­erly, the Dumb­bell Pull Over hits ev­ery­thing from the bot­tom of your pecs to your abs, lats and tri­ceps, ser­ra­tus, work­ing all of these mus­cles in a di­rect and unique way. If you’re not do­ing push/pull work­outs (chest and back to­gether) make sure you do it on chest day. I pre­fer to keep the reps high, of­ten in the 12-20 rep range, and I re­ally fo­cus on get­ting a deep stretch for ev­ery set, usu­ally do­ing 3-4 sets. Fo­cus on tech­nique be­fore weight, once you have the ex­er­cise form per­fected you can then in­crease the weight grad­u­ally. What you will no­tice on the fol­low­ing days of per­form­ing this move­ment is sore­ness through your up­per lats, pecs and sur­pris­ingly your tri­ceps. I ac­tu­ally find my tri­ceps get a real work­out from this move­ment. You will no­tice that your ser­ra­tus mus­cles will ap­pear much deeper and re­ally stand out, and you will cre­ate some freaky lines and sep­a­ra­tion through­out your up­per body.

There are a few keys to per­form­ing this move­ment cor­rectly

The cross bench ver­sion as seen in the photo above is by far the best way to get the most from this ex­er­cise. Make sure the dumb­bells in your gym have welded or at least locked ends be­cause you will be hold­ing the dumb­bell di­rectly over your face! We don’t want any ac­ci­dents. A lot of people rush through it and don’t fo­cus on get­ting a proper stretch. Re­ally feel­ing that deep stretch is a must with the dumb­bell pull over. Also, it’s im­por­tant to keep your hips and head down, which en­sures you’re not just swing­ing the weight. With your hips down, you’ll re­ally feel your lats work­ing and that all im­por­tant stretch. What I tend to do is per­formed the ex­er­cise with a 3 sec­ond phase to lower the weight. One sec­ond pause at the bot­tom stretch. Two sec­onds back to the top, fol­lowed by a hard squeeze of the pecs at the top po­si­tion. Once I have com­pleted a full set I like to fin­ish with 4-5 short tri­cep press type move­ments where I bend my el­bows and then straighten them to give the tri­ceps a fi­nal blast. I like to per­form this move­ment as a su­per­set with a back move­ment such as chin ups or lat pull downs. This pro­duces an amaz­ing pump through the en­tire up­per body. When per­formed cor­rectly, you’ll feel mus­cles in your up­per abs, lats and tri­ceps work­ing hard, giv­ing you a pump that’s hard to be re-cre­ated with any other move­ment. In fact I get more of a pump from the dumb­bell pullover than I do on the bench press! Do yourself a fa­vor throw some pullovers into your rou­tine twice a week and watch your up­per body gains ex­plode.

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