Com­pet­ing....What is your driv­ing force?

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Many of our read­ers have ei­ther com­peted in body­build­ing or fit­ness events or are at least think­ing of com­pet­ing in the near fu­ture. I thought I would touch on this sub­ject and what it re­ally means to com­pete and what drives those that com­pete in events. Over my com­pet­i­tive ca­reer I of­ten asked my­self...” What am I com­pet­ing for?” Was it just a Trophy, was it for some re­ward, was it for brag­ging rights or to blow the com­pe­ti­tion away? The truth is the num­ber 1 rea­son why you com­pete is to test your­self, your ca­pa­bil­i­ties, to test your drive, de­ter­mi­na­tion, ded­i­ca­tion and all those words that are so easy to say but much harder to do. I see so many peo­ple get caught up on a re­sult, I know even I have fallen vic­tim to this mind set in my com­pet­i­tive jour­ney. Th­ese days in the age of so­cial me­dia things have changed a lit­tle. Com­pet­ing for the right rea­sons has been over shad­owed by the “look at me” mind set. Much more pres­sure be­cause you are putting your­self on a spot. All your friends and fam­ily are watch­ing and wait­ing for the re­sults. This can work well for some and can be dev­as­tat­ing for oth­ers. Now, the way you take a fi­nal re­sult de­pends on why you are do­ing this in the first place. If you are do­ing it for a per­sonal achieve­ment and have done ev­ery­thing you pos­si­bly could you will al­ways be proud. How­ever, if you are do­ing it for mere brag­ging rights or ex­ter­nal praise you will be dis­ap­pointed. You have to be pre­pared to be “Judged” and be pre­pared for the out­come of that judge­ment. In Body­build­ing and Fig­ure the judg­ing is more ob­jec­tive; in Fit­ness Mod­el­ing and all Mod­el­ing based events the judg­ing can be sub­jec­tive. In a Fit­ness Mod­el­ing event de­spite hav­ing a judg­ing cri­te­ria each judge in­ter­prets that cri­te­ria in their own way and may have a pref­er­ence in the type of “look” that they con­sider meets the given cri­te­ria. In Fit­ness Mod­el­ing the judg­ing is based on a to­tal look, not just the body. Stage pres­ence, beauty, groom­ing, choice of at­tire, are all taken into con­sid­er­a­tion on top of body con­di­tion­ing. In body­build­ing the judg­ing is a lit­tle clearer as the judges are look­ing at set el­e­ments, mus­cle size, def­i­ni­tion, sym­me­try, bal­ance. Ide­ally the win­ner is usu­ally the per­son with the least weak points and a bal­ance of size, shape and de­tail. At the end of the day no mat­ter what the plac­ings are as long as you be­lieve deep in your heart you have given 100% to your train­ing, diet, pre­sen­ta­tion you should be happy. This is your jour­ney, use it to build not ONLY your body but your character...your SPIRIT. Your body is NOT who you are..... It’s a re­flec­tion of your cur­rent work ethic, life­style and be­liefs! Take heed in what you have be­come through your per­sonal jour­ney, how it has changed your life for the bet­ter. Set­ting goals and fol­low­ing through to the end is what builds strength of character and sub­stance that hope­fully em­pow­ers other as­pects of your life. When seek­ing feed­back after an event never ask your close friends or fam­ily. They will al­ways be kind and say you looked great no mat­ter what. Ask some­one that has ex­pe­ri­ence, is ob­jec­tive and will ul­ti­mately tell you the truth and of­fer some real time con­struc­tive feed­back. I re­call many times when I placed lower in a show my friends and fam­ily al­ways said I should have won! I know they were just be­ing kind, not con­struc­tive. How­ever to move for­ward, you need the truth. As many of you know we host Body­build­ing and Fit­ness events here in Aus­tralia. I have said from the very be­gin­ning all com­peti­tors are equal no mat­ter when they have started their jour­ney. This is why we pro­vide op­por­tu­ni­ties and ex­po­sure for as many ath­letes as we pos­si­bly can ir­re­spec­tive of where they placed in a show. When we se­lect our Team Ve­gas ath­letes it is not based purely on plac­ings. When we se­lect Cover Mod­els for Nat­u­ral Bodz Mag­a­zine or our Sports Model Cal­en­dar plac­ings do not come into play. Plac­ings are not im­por­tant to me as I be­lieve all com­peti­tors de­serve the same op­por­tu­ni­ties, be­cause I un­der­stand that plac­ings will change over the years...and they do. For Fit­ness Mod­els and Bikini Mod­els you have to nail down a rea­son why you are com­pet­ing. For many that have busi­nesses in the in­dus­try, PT’s, Coaches, and Di­eti­cians etc yes a ti­tle is great but ex­po­sure is what builds cred­i­bil­ity. You don’t have to have won a ton of ti­tles to be suc­cess­ful. If you gain ex­po­sure and cred­i­bil­ity in the in­dus­try suc­cess will follow if you are business savvy. Fi­nally com­pet­ing should al­ways be a per­sonal goal. Some­thing you set for your­self and follow through right to the very end. In the process and through­out the jour­ney you be­come a stronger per­son both inside and out. Just re­mem­ber plac­ings will change, you will win some and some you won’t. What mat­ters is who you be­come through the process, a stronger, health­ier and more con­fi­dent per­son. Com­pe­ti­tions are great as long as your driv­ing force is to be­come a bet­ter you. On top of this do it be­cause you love it, and do it with pas­sion. Re­mem­ber where you be­gan, and keep your eyes fixed firmly on where you want to go. Most of all en­joy the amaz­ing ben­e­fits that this life­style has to of­fer, the num­ber 1 ben­e­ are now a fit­ter and health­ier ver­sion of your­self than you were 6-12 months ago. Com­pet­ing is great, if and only you are do­ing it for the right rea­sons. Test your­self, how far can you go? This is life, get to it!

Yours in health and fit­ness

Steve Jones


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Steve Jones Ed­i­tor / CEO Aus­tralian Nat­u­ral Bodz

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