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What does suc­cess mean to you? Is it los­ing weight, win­ning a fit­ness com­pe­ti­tion, beat­ing a per­sonal best, buy­ing your dream car or your first home. I guess suc­cess is dif­fer­ent for ev­ery­one, but there are ba­sics or fun­da­men­tals that are re­quired to achieve suc­cess in any en­deav­our. In fact this is­sue has some great con­tent to help you reach some of your health and fit­ness goals. We have a su­perb ar­ti­cle by Fit­ness Model/Di­eti­cian Mark Robin­son on how to achieve suc­cess in the world of Fit­ness Mod­el­ling. I have in­cluded an ar­ti­cle in this is­sue en­ti­tled “Suc­cess 101 - What Does it Mean To You?” No doubt suc­cess is a pop­u­lar topic but why do so many fall short of reach­ing their goals de­spite the sea of in­for­ma­tion read­ily avail­able to most peo­ple via cour­ses, mag­a­zines, books and the old faith­ful “Google Search En­gine”. With such a bounty of knowl­edge so easily ac­ces­si­ble why is it that there are still only a hand­ful of peo­ple that achieve their goals? I do be­lieve I have some of the an­swers, not all of them. One of the big­gest mis­takes that most peo­ple make is look­ing for the eas­i­est way to get from A-B. Let’s take weight train­ing as an ex­am­ple, as we can all re­late to this. Time and time again I see gym go­ers train with no real thought, plan­ning and more im­por­tantly “Work ethic”. That’s right you need a well thought out plan and you have to ap­ply it with fe­ro­cious work ethic. You have to know where you want to go and how to do it ef­fec­tively. It may or more than likely will NOT be the eas­i­est way, in fact it is go­ing to be pretty damn hard work. The ques­tion is...Are you up for it? How bad do you want it? A com­mon trait these days is the “I want it Now” syn­drome. To build mus­cle, lose weight, find the per­fect part­ner, big house, flashy car....and the list goes on. Wouldn’t we all love this! But the re­al­ity is, get­ting what you want right now is merely a pipedream, or wish­ful think­ing. But hang on, why does it ap­pear so easy for some and yet so hard for oth­ers to reach their goals? Well, when most peo­ple ob­serve suc­cess­ful peo­ple they only see the re­wards that come from the hard work NOT all the hard work that has gone into achiev­ing those re­wards. Many will just put it down to luck, or some other crazy rea­son. It could never be from hard work right! Peo­ple are never shy from mak­ing ex­cuses to why they are in the po­si­tion they are in and why oth­ers are suc­cess­ful. How­ever one com­mon trait that suc­cess­ful peo­ple have is, they are NOT afraid of “Hard Work”. They are gen­er­ally will­ing to do what oth­ers are not. They think, they plan, and most of all they have solid “Work Ethic”. What about the old say­ing “knowl­edge is Power”? Or one that I hear of­ten these days “When you know more, you can do more”. Noth­ing could be fur­ther from the truth. Just com­plet­ing a course or get­ting a de­gree means noth­ing if you do not ap­ply than knowl­edge with a solid plan founded on “Work Ethic”. There are mil­lions of “Knowl­edge­able” un­suc­cess­ful peo­ple in the world. And there are just as many “know-it-alls” that think they know but re­ally have no idea. Knowl­edge is noth­ing if it can’t be ap­plied in a sen­si­ble, me­thod­i­cal and well ex­e­cuted ap­proach that is “pow­ered” by re­lent­less “Work Ethic”.

Jump­ing back to gym work­outs so I can make a quick ex­am­ple. Take bar­bell curls, you can ei­ther lift the weight or use the weight like a pre­ci­sion tool. Merely throw­ing weights around, flick­ing swing­ing or us­ing mo­men­tum to get the weight from point A to point B in the eas­i­est fash­ion is NOT go­ing to get re­sults. Yes, you could call it work­ing out be­cause you are mov­ing the weight, right! If I use the last ex­am­ple and re­late this to work­ing on a com­puter which I do for many hours a day. I could sit at my desk just mov­ing the mouse around in a ran­dom or sloppy fash­ion OR I could har­ness its pow­ers and my cre­ativ­ity to pro­duce an in­cred­i­ble poster or video! Now, if some­one were to look at me from a dis­tance the ac­tions look the same but the out­come is com­pletely dif­fer­ent! The same ap­plies to work­ing out or for suc­cess in any­thing for that mat­ter. To suc­ceed you have to look deeper, think deeper and DIG DEEP to har­ness the power you have within. Back to the bar­bell curl which from a dis­tance looks very sim­ple. But upon closer ex­am­i­na­tion there is so much more to it. You have to break down ev­ery rep, pay­ing at­ten­tion to the time un­der ten­sion of each given rep, the speed each rep is per­formed, the neg­a­tive part of the move­ment and pos­i­tive part. Once you have mas­tered a “Sin­gle rep” ev­ery­thing grows from there. But if you can’t ap­ply pre­cise “Work Ethic” to one sin­gle rep what hope does your en­tire work­out have? Yes it’s true things are most of­ten not what they ap­pear to be. Merely ob­serv­ing with­out close at­ten­tion to de­tail will typ­i­cally en­sure you fall well short of your goals. I do agree that ob­serv­ing is one of the best ways to learn, but just like read­ing many peo­ple only “see be­tween the lines”. In all hon­esty I could spend hours dis­cussing suc­cess and the mis­takes that peo­ple make try­ing to achieve it. That’s why I am work­ing on a new book that cov­ers ev­ery­thing I have learned over the years in my jour­ney in both the fit­ness in­dus­try and life in gen­eral. It is a work in progress, but I am sure to let you know when its avail­able. Be warned, it is go­ing to be full off hard facts, a no BS ap­proach to achiev­ing suc­cess. Be­lieve me, I am no soft men­tor, but if you fol­low the steps you will suc­ceed. One thing I can prom­ise, it will be a real book for those that truly want to achieve suc­cess in the fit­ness in­dus­try. I will leave you with this am­mended quote... “Good things come to those who wait WORK HARD”

Yours in health and fit­ness

Steve Jones


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