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One of the most im­pres­sive as­pects of any physique whether male or fe­male is an im­pres­sive V shape. That clas­sic sweep and ta­per from a small trim waist to a flared lats and im­pres­sive shoul­ders. I am sure you have read hun­dreds of mas­sive back build­ing and shoul­der rou­tines in other mag­a­zines, and pos­si­bly tried them with lit­tle to no re­sults from your ef­forts. Why? The big­gest growth stunt­ing fac­tor is poor form and hav­ing no un­der­stand­ing of “Work Ethic”. Ba­si­cally with­out go­ing too in-depth you have to per­form the ex­er­cise with pre­ci­sion and work it damn hard, with fe­ro­cious in­ten­sity. Try­ing to lift weights that are far too heavy is a guar­an­teed recipe to pro­cure puny lats and a slip disc. Surely not a smart way to go but all too of­ten this is seen in gyms across the world. The best place to start is choos­ing just 2-3 ex­er­cises. In many in­stances you are bet­ter to do 2 ex­er­cises with per­fect form and hy­per in­ten­sity than 6 lack lus­tre move­ments. Re­mem­ber - Qual­ity over Quan­tity! So what are the best move­ments to build the per­fect V shape? I will break it down into back and shoul­der move­ments be­cause these mus­cles pro­vide the foun­da­tional of the V ta­per. Back Ex­er­cises: 1. Chin ups or lat pull downs 2. Bar­bell or T Bar Row 3. Dumb­bell Pull Overs. Shoul­der Ex­er­cises: 1. Side Lat­eral Dumb­bell Raise 2. Up­right Rows 3. Shoul­der Press That’s it! The magic 6 move­ments. Oh, did I for­get all the fancy ca­ble move­ments. Yes I did, on pur­pose so you can ac­tu­ally build a great V shape in­stead of wast­ing valu­able gym time. So how many sets, reps and how do you struc­ture these move­ments to get the best bang for your buck? An­swer: Su­per-sets, and Gi­ant Sets. This means you hit one back move­ment and then jump straight into a shoul­der move­ment with no rest. That’s it, no rest... Just pure hard yakka tak­ing each set to fail­ure for around 10-12 reps. Fo­cus on form, feel the mus­cle work­ing. If you can’t feel the mus­cle the weight is ei­ther too heavy or your form is off. Don’t swing, sway, rock, fling or do any crazy method to make lift­ing the weight - EAS­IER! We are not here to make things easy, we are here to grow and you have to find ev­ery con­ceiv­able way to make the ex­er­cise as hard as you can, not as easy as you can. It is NOT just a mat­ter of mov­ing the weight from A-B over the eas­i­est path. If you are new to weights I would hit 3 sets of 10-12 reps. If you have at least 6 months un­der your belt of solid gym time you can throw in 1 or 2 drop sets, or de­scend­ing sets. That’s where you re­duce the weight in small in­cre­ments upon reach­ing fail­ure. E.g 20kgs, down to 15kgs and the down to 10kgs on say side lat­eral raise. I have another tech­nique that is for ad­vanced train­ers that is su­per in­tense yet pro­duces some mus­cu­lar hyper­tro­phy but I will share this with you in my up and com­ing book be­cause I want to spend more time and de­tail on the sub­ject. In the mean­time fo­cus on those sim­ple move­ments, per­fect the form so that its im­pec­ca­ble. For­get rest­ing, you do that af­ter you train. Su­per set and even tri and gi­ant set these move­ments. For ex­am­ple blast a set of side lat­er­als for your delts, then jump into a set of chin ups, then jump onto the up­right rows, then t bar rows. No rest at all. Then con­tinue the same method with the re­main­ing move­ments. Su­per set shoul­der press with dumb­bell pull overs across a bench so you get a nice stretch. Don’t get caught up on the se­quence or or­der. That is ir­rel­e­vant on the whole mus­cle growth spec­trum. What truly mat­ters is cor­rect form, feel and WORK ETHIC. Smash each set to fail­ure ev­ery time. Oops, did I for­get to add the photos of some dude do­ing 10 dif­fer­ent ca­ble ex­er­cises! Sorry, you won’t find that in this mag­a­zine. Stop search­ing for crazy work­out pro­grams that will per­form mir­a­cles, they don’t ex­ist. You have learn to master the fun­da­men­tals and ap­ply fo­cus and work ethic to each rep. Look very closely at your ex­er­cise form, make each and ev­ery rep count and re­mem­ber...qual­ity over quan­tity! Stay tuned, the story con­tin­ues.

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