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Low GI

| High Pro­tein | Low Carb | No Added Sugar Are you look­ing for a quick and easy high pro­tein desert that has vir­tu­ally no carbs, pretty close to zero fat and tastes great? Even bet­ter it sat­is­fies those cho­co­late lovers that can’t seem to kick the cho­co­late habit. In fact this is prob­a­bly one of the quick­est and eas­i­est deserts, or high pro­tein snacks you will ever find. It will take you ap­prox­i­mately 2 min­utes to make, yes that fast. In­tro­duc­ing Cho­co­late Al­mond Pro­tein Pud­ding. In­gre­di­ents: 2 scoops of Cho­co­late Casien Pro­tein 250mls of pure ice cold wa­ter 30gms of al­monds Method: Add pro­tein pow­der to deep desert bowl Stir in and grad­u­ally add 250mls of wa­ter un­til the con­sis­tency of a pud­ding mix and mix­ture is smooth.

| Gluten Free

Add 30gms of al­monds, can be whole or sliv­ered.

All done, en­joy. Nu­tri­tional Facts: Calo­ries: 290cals Pro­tein: 54gms Fat: 16gms Carbs: 6gms

| Es­sen­tial Fats Note, the great thing about this desert is you can have it in the evening be­cause ca­sein pro­tein is one of the slow­est ab­sorb­ing of all pro­tein pow­ders so you get a good sus­tained re­lease of mus­cle build­ing amino acids while you are sleep­ing. If you want to drop the al­monds to re­duce the to­tal fat and calo­rie con­tent its your choice. Save around 170cals and 15gms of fat. Keep in mind the fats in al­monds are good EFAs and help slow the re­lease of pro­tein even fur­ther.

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