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Suc­cess, that ma­jes­tic word of­ten eludes many. The truth is suc­cess is dif­fer­ent for every­one as we all have unique and in­di­vid­ual goals that we are try­ing to achieve, whether they be win­ning a Body­build­ing or Fit­ness Com­pe­ti­tion or buy­ing to dream home or dream car. Why do some peo­ple at­tract suc­cess while oth­ers don’t, is there some hid­den se­cret? Have the suc­cess­ful read more An­thony Rob­bins books or are they just plain lucky? Let me share my thoughts on suc­cess, us­ing the Fit­ness In­dus­try as an ex­am­ple. A sad but all too com­mon trait I see in this in­dus­try... The folk that say “Oh no­body has done any­thing for me, or when they achieve a “Lit­tle” suc­cess, they preach...oh I have made it all on my own”. Stop, right there! First off, no­body has made it all on their own in any av­enue. The truth is, ev­ery ex­pe­ri­ence that you have, path you cross, coach or trainer you have, gym you trained at has had an ef­fect on where you are at this mo­ment in time. Yes some ex­pe­ri­ences may ap­pear bad at first, but if you pre­vail some­thing good will come of it. In fact some of the most tragic or­deals I have gone through in my life changed my path en­tirely. In fact I wouldn’t even be here in Aus­tralia writ­ing this very ar­ti­cle if it wasn’t for some “Bad” ex­pe­ri­ences that hap­pened at cer­tain points in time! What mat­ters in the end is how you deal with both the good and the bad, be­cause its th­ese mo­ments that make up our life. It will never be all wine and roses. How you deal with what life throws at your will de­ter­mine not only your path but the suc­cess you at­tract in life. Yes, you do in fact “At­tract” suc­cess it is not some­thing that you can go out and buy. In fact suc­cess is more about what you “Give Back” than what you take. When I say give back, I am not talk­ing money I am talk­ing life fun­da­men­tals, your time, grat­i­tude, ap­pre­ci­a­tion, em­pa­thy. The prob­lem is when some peo­ple achieve a lit­tle bit of suc­cess, lets say win a com­pe­ti­tion they have this sense of “En­ti­tle­ment”. They ex­pect gold to rain down from above be­cause they feel en­ti­tled. But are you re­ally en­ti­tled to suc­cess? By col­lect­ing an award or tro­phy you have taken some­thing, but what have you to give in re­turn? Suc­cess is not about tak­ing, its about giv­ing. It’s about us­ing your suc­cess to give back, and the first thing you can do is ac­knowl­edge those that have helped you along the way. Be­cause you have NOT made it on your own, no­body has or ever will. In the busi­ness world there is no such thing as a “Self Made Mil­lion­aire” To suc­ceed you need some­one to pro­duce your prod­uct, and you need loyal cus­tomers to buy your prod­uct... Suc­cess is a part­ner­ship, its a team ef­fort, not a one man or one woman show! If you are spon­sored by a sup­ple­ment com­pany, do you just ex­pect an end­less sup­ply of free prod­uct be­cause you look buff?... What do you do for the com­pany in re­turn? If I could write a list of the peo­ple I have helped in this in­dus­try ei­ther with my own time, fi­nan­cially or ca­reer wise it would stretch around the world. Then it’s dis­ap­point­ing when I hear some of the peo­ple I have helped out say, oh I made it all on my own! Wel­come to the “En­ti­tled Gen­er­a­tion” where they ex­pect ev­ery­thing, owe no­body any­thing, but ex­pect the world. Let me just say right here and now, this is not suc­cess. Ev­ery truly suc­cess­ful per­son is al­ways think­ing what more they can give. Those with fleet­ing suc­cess are al­ways think­ing what more can I take, or am I owed! I be­lieve So­cial me­dia is some­what to blame be­cause it has dis­torted what “Real Suc­cess” is. How­ever its hyp­o­crit­i­cal when peo­ple post how they have made it all on their own! If they made it all on their own, why do they need fans and fol­low­ers! So by rights they should shut down all their ac­counts be­cause they don’t need any fans! Suc­cess comes from tak­ing ev­ery ex­pe­ri­ence whether good or bad, us­ing it to shape your fu­ture, and at the same time giv­ing some­thing back to the in­dus­try.... Sim­ple things like, grat­i­tude, ap­pre­ci­a­tion, a thank you, ac­knowl­edge­ment. Don’t ig­nore the past and write off every­one, or ev­ery­thing that has in­deed in some way got you to where you are at this mo­ment in time! One way to se­cure fail­ure is to let your “self” get in the way of your own suc­cess!

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