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Australian Natural Bodz - - Feature Profile | Allahna Carman - ~ Steve Jones

First off con­grat­u­la­tions on your suc­cess in 2016 at the Nat­u­ral Bodz Asia Pa­cific and thehe Fit­ness Amer­ica™ Week­end in Las Ve­gas. How ow did it feel to ex­pe­ri­ence this kind of suc­cesss in your first year of com­pet­ing?

Thank You Steve. I to­tally ex­ceeded my own per­sonal sonal ex­pec­ta­tions. I hon­estly did not ex­pect to place let et alone win, at the Asia Pacs show in June. I couldn’tn’t be­lieve it when I won and was in­vited to com­pete e the fol­low­ing day in the Pro League, what an hon­our. nour. Then to place se­cond in the Pro League di­vi­sion was amaz­ing. It was an anx­ious wait to hear back as to whetherer or not I had been se­lected for the Aus­tralian teamm to com­pete in Las Ve­gas. I was in shock when I found nd out that I had been cho­sen for the team, I never r thought I would have this op­por­tu­nity. It was a def­i­nite yes from me, I couldn’t say no to this on­cece in a life­time chance.

How did you find the en­tire Las Ve­gas ex­pe­ri­ence, in­clud­ing com­pet­ing at the Fit­ness ess Amer­ica™ Week­end?

Firstly, be­ing able to travel over with the other Aus­tralian com­peti­tors was such a fan­tas­tic ex­pe­ri­ence. We were all very like-minded peo­ple and it was just like one big fam­ily. I had such a great time in Ve­gas, I didn’t want to leave. Be­ing a partrt of the Fit­ness Amer­ica Week­end show was such a great reat feel­ing, you are com­pet­ing for a world ti­tle up against gainst the best of the best from all across the world. I had the time of my life up on that huge stage, I felt a real sense of pride in my­self for get­ting to that point and plac­ing 5th. Even once my di­vi­sion was over I hadad so much fun watch­ing our other team mates com­pete,te, it was an amaz­ing show to watch and it was so nicee to have an en­tire team cheer­ing you on when you are in a for­eign place where you don’t know any­one and wouldn’t usu­ally have any­one in the crowd cheer­ing ring for you.

Where and when did your jour­ney into the fit­ness in­dus­try be­gin, who in­spired you to start train­ing with weights and com­pet­ing?

Hon­estly com­pet­ing was some­thing I just wantedd to tick off my bucket list, I had wanted to do it for years and fi­nally just de­cided to give it a go. I had no idea dea what I was do­ing when I en­tered my first show and didn’t have a coach. De­spite all of that, the judge­ses must have seen some­thing in me and I placed 3rd.rd.

I couldn’t be­lieve that I ac­tu­ally placed and got to take home a tro­phy. That re­ally made me cu­ri­ous to see how well I could do if I kept go­ing, and I havn’t looked back since.

You cer­tainly im­proved from the Nat­u­ral Bodz Apacs to the Ve­gas show, what did you do dif­fer­ent lead­ing into Ve­gas?

I wanted to put on more mus­cle lead­ing into the Ve­gas show and ac­tu­ally hold onto a bit more body fat for a slightly curvier/fuller look rather than the lean/dry look. I also worked a lot on my walk and my pos­ing to im­prove my over­all pack­age for the show. I think that also the more shows you do the more con­fi­dent you are and that re­ally shows on stage.

Can you share a typ­i­cal train­ing pro­gram you would d fol­low lead­ing into a com­pe­ti­tion? Days per week, sets, car­dio, weights etc?

I train 6 days a week when I am pre­par­ing for a com­peti­ition, I usu­ally would have Satur­day’s off to spend time with­with my hus­band out­side of the gym. I split my work­outs over er those 6 days only train­ing one mus­cle group per day, which hich ever mus­cle was the least sore usu­ally. I gen­er­ally do 4 sets of 12-15 reps for my work­outs when I am close to comp as my weights are lower.

What mus­cle groups do you feel are the most im­por­tant ar­eas to hit for girls look­ing to build a sexy, aes­thetic body?

I would have to say Shoul­ders, Abs and Glutes.

Let’s talk car­dio...Is there a spe­cific form that you feel works best? And how much is too much?

I kind of hate car­dio, just say­ing. I did in­cor­po­rate car­dio o into my pro­gram lead­ing into comp but I’m not the kind of per­son that will run on the tread­mill for hours. I am lucky ky that I have a very fast me­tab­o­lism and I can con­trol my body fat by diet alone with­out hav­ing to kill my­self with crazy amounts of car­dio.

Let’s talk Nu­tri­tion.. what does a typ­i­cal days eat­ing ng look like for you? How many meals foods types etc?c?

I am pretty ba­sic when it comes to my meals for comp prep. I stick to Chicken breast, Kan­ga­roo and some­times s fish for my pro­tein. My carbs are from ei­ther oats, sweet t po­tato or brown rice. Al­monds, Av­o­cado and co­conut oil for my Fat source and I also have a bucket load of veg­gies es with ev­ery meal. And 3-4L of wa­ter ev­ery day. I usu­ally have 6-7 meals a day, in­clud­ing my pre and post work­out ut pro­tein shakes.

Are you a calo­rie counter or pre­fer to go by how you ou look and feel?

You could say the in­stinc­tive ap­proach. I don’t count calo­ries or macros, I just lis­ten to my bodyy and judge it by how I’m look­ing in the mir­ror.

How im­por­tant is tim­ing when it comes to food in­take, do you eat on a sup­ply and de­mand ba­sis de­pend­ing on your work­load for the day?

I will usu­ally try and eat about ev­ery 3-4 hours. It is hard rd some­times with my work to be able to just stop and eat, so some­times I will just keep some pro­tein pow­der in a shaker and just add wa­ter if I am due for a meal but don’t have time to stop.

It’s com­mon to see many girls blow out af­ter a show and add 10kgs. Fit­ness Model should have an off sea­son?

I think af­ter be­ing so strict for so long it’s hard to stop your­self from all of the temp­ta­tions af­ter comp. I found for me that I need to set an­other goal ASAP so that I have some­thing to work to­wards and keep me fo­cused. For me an “Off Sea­son” is the time be­tween Sea­son A and Sea­son B, most of which is spent prep­ping for my next comp.

Set­ting goals is ob­vi­ously a main­stay for suc­cess. Do you feel that the shows have re­ally en­abled you to o push to that ex­tra level to bring out the best in you?u?

Yes, I want to con­tinue to im­prove ev­ery time I stand on n that stage. Even if you have won your show there is al­ways ways go­ing to be some­one hot on your heels try­ing to over­take ke you. I am al­ways fo­cus­ing on im­prov­ing my over­all pack­age kage and try and get as much feed­back as pos­si­ble each timee I com­pete.

Just jump­ing back to the gym work, if you could only nly do three ex­er­cises in or­der of im­por­tance what woul­dould they be and why?

I love train­ing Glutes, it’s some­thing I have been work­ing ng on grow­ing lately. Back day is an­other one of my favourites rites and then shoul­ders as well would be an­other of my favourites. I find with train­ing shoul­ders it is so sat­is­fy­ing ng be­ing about to watch the mus­cle work­ing while you are train­ing it, I al­ways train in front of the mir­ror to watch my form.

At what point does ex­er­cis­ing go from a pos­i­tive life­style to an ob­ses­sion and how im­por­tant is it to o main­tain a bal­ance in life?

I know I am pretty ob­sessed but my hus­band also trains s and com­petes so it’s some­thing we do to­gether. I al­wayss try and lis­ten to my body and make sure I take a rest day iff I feel as though I need it. For me I think I do have a healthy thy bal­ance, I en­joy what I do.

Free weights or ma­chines what works best for you?

I use both de­pend­ing on the ex­er­cise.

All girls are look­ing to build great shape through their legs and butt, what do you feel works for bestst for you?

I am al­ways chang­ing my work­out rou­tine but I like Su­momo Squats, Don­key kicks with weight and raised dumb­bell lunges.

For the girls look­ing to com­pete in their first Bikini/ i/ Fit­ness Model event where would you sug­gest they y start?

Get­ting a coach is al­ways ideal be­cause they will be ablee to guide you on which di­vi­sion you are suited to, pro­vide train­ing and meal plans and also give you feed­back and sup­port along the way.

What do you feel is the big­gest mis­take made by peo­ple in their di­ets when look­ing to lose weight?

Don’t skip meals! You ac­tu­ally need to usu­ally eat more of­ten in small amounts to keep your me­tab­o­lism burn­ingg fat.

Do you be­lieve in cheat days while di­et­ing and if so o why, and where do you draw the line?

I al­ways al­low my­self a cheat meal once a week. I thinkk it isis im­por­tant to have some­thing to look for­ward to at the end of the week, and it also al­lows you the free­dom to go out ut for din­ner with friends or fam­ily.

Stage pres­ence is one area where you re­ally ex­cel, can you share some tips to as­pir­ing bikini mod­els on how to bring en­ergy and style to the stage?

Just be con­fi­dent up there. Have fun and just en­joy ev­ery se­cond you spend on that stage be­cause the judges can tell when you are hav­ing fun, it re­ally shows. Be proud of your­self and en­joy the op­por­tu­nity to show off your hard work.

How im­por­tant is it to se­lect the cor­rect bikini and the­mewear and do you have any tips in this area on mak­ing the right choices?

This is al­ways such a hard de­ci­sion for me be­cause I al­ways want it to be PER­FECT. I usu­ally spend far too long try­ing to make up my mind on what colour or what theme to go with. I am ter­ri­ble at mak­ing up my mind on th­ese things.

It’s the fi­nal three weeks be­fore your next big Fit­ness Model Event, what would your diet look like? Any se­crets you can share for as­pir­ing


I think the se­cret is be­ing 100% com­mit­ted to your diet. There is no room for er­ror in those fi­nal weeks and you are so close that you can see the fin­ish line. I don’t make e any sud­den changes, I just lower my carb in­take at night and have slightly smaller por­tion sizes. I just keep a very y close eye on how my body is re­spond­ing and make sure I am on track.

When your comp diet is over what’s your favourite meal?

Pizza and Dough­nuts

Who do you ad­mire most in the in­dus­try?

An­dreia Bra­zier and Hat­tie Boy­dle are my ab­so­lute favourite fit­ness com­peti­tors. They have in­sane bod­ies! #girl­crush

Who has had the most im­pact on your life? How?

My hus­band has been my rock. He is al­ways so sup­port­ive of me and is al­ways en­cour­ag­ing me to fol­low my dreams and smash my goals.

What are your goals over the next 12 months in re­spect to com­pe­ti­tions and your ca­reer in gen­eral?

I would re­ally love to be able to go back to Ve­gas again and com­pete in the Fit­ness Amer­ica Week­end and try and bet­ter my score from last time.

What do you do to re­lax in be­tween all of this?

I do a Les Mills BodyBalance class at my gym, it helps me to re­lax and breathe and take some time out for my­self.

Can you share your web­site, so­cial me­dia links so read­ers can fol­low your suc­cess?

Instagram: @al­lah­nacar­man

Ed­i­tors note:

Thanks for tak­ing the time to share your suc­cess with our read­ers. Con­grat­u­la­tions on your suc­cess and I am look­ing for­ward to shar­ing your fit­ness jour­ney in 2017.

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