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If you want the rain­bow you’ve got to put with with the rain. To truly achieve suc­cess and in­ner peace in life you have to learn to em­brace both suc­cess and fail­ure in equal mea­sures. I of­ten see ath­letes that com­pete in Fit­ness and Body­build­ing events strug­gle if they don’t get the re­sult they de­sire. Speak­ing on a per­sonal level, I placed in a lot more shows than I won. But I never saw this as a fail, I took it as an op­por­tu­nity to as­sess, learn and move for­ward. It fu­elled me to be­come a bet­ter ver­sion of my­self. No­ticed I used the word “Placed” in fact some­times I didn’t even place! Per­cep­tion is ev­ery­thing, as suc­cess is also dif­fer­ent for every­one. While one com­peti­tor sees los­ing 25kgs and ac­tu­ally step­ping on stage suc­cess, an­other sees a 2nd place as a fail­ure! Life is not all wine and roses. True suc­cess and in­ner peace only comes about when we learn to em­brace ev­ery­thing that hap­pens in life. In or­der to have light you must have dark, in or­der to have up you must have down. A good ex­am­ple is the an­cient Chi­nese sym­bol Yin and Yang. Ac­cord­ing to yin yang phi­los­o­phy, the uni­verse and ev­ery­thing in it are both con­stant and cycli­cal. In this in­fi­nite cy­cle, one force dom­i­nates and is then re­placed by the op­pos­ing force. Ex­am­ples il­lus­trat­ing the yin yang phi­los­o­phy in­clude: Life and death Heaven and earth Night and day Dark and light Health and sick­ness Poverty and wealth Suc­cess and Fail­ure Cold and hot Pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive Yin and yang are com­ple­men­tary (rather than op­pos­ing) forces that in­ter­act to form a dy­namic sys­tem in which the whole is greater than the as­sem­bled parts. Hence you can see that suc­cess can’t ex­ist with­out fail­ure! And fail­ure can’t ex­ist with­out suc­cess. Life, the uni­verse it­self is in a con­stant flux. Once you learn to em­brace this con­nec­tion or du­al­ity you will en­joy life and all it has to of­fer. I have had some pretty tragic ex­pe­ri­ences in my life, los­ing fam­ily mem­bers at a young age. I could have let that eat me up and spit me out. How­ever from dark comes light, and to be 100% hon­est I would have missed out on what has been so far an amaz­ing chap­ter of my life, in­clud­ing own­ing a gym here in Aus­tralia for 5 years, meet­ing my beau­ti­ful Wife, start­ing my own sup­ple­ment com­pany, not to men­tion meet­ing so many amaz­ing ath­letes and help­ing and shar­ing their suc­cess through this very mag­a­zine. Hav­ing the plea­sure to pro­duce two amaz­ing Nat­u­ral Fit­ness Events the Nat­u­ral Bodz Asia Pa­cific and Musclemania Aus­tralia. If not plac­ing where you wanted in a Body­build­ing or Fit­ness event is the worst thing that ever hap­pens to you, count that as a bless­ing. Learn from it, don’t live in de­nial or be­come a vic­tim of your own ego. Stop be­ing so sen­si­tive and try­ing to please oth­ers, stop seek­ing ap­proval. Stop the non­sense about haters, not every­one will like ev­ery­thing you do. Let it go. Move on. Be­come the au­then­tic self, au­to­mat­i­cally you will be more real and like­able. De­fine your true in­ten­tions as in­ten­tion sets di­rec­tion! Just make sure your in­ten­tions are pos­i­tive. Why do you do what you do? The cor­rect an­swer is be­cause it makes you happy. But is your hap­pi­ness based purely on suc­cess? If it is you will never be truly happy be­cause you have not em­braced the du­al­ity of life it­self. Light and dark, pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive, suc­cess and fail­ure. This is life! I will fin­ish with my open­ing quote. If you want the rain­bow you’ve got to put with with the rain. Cel­e­brate life and all it be­stows. Yours in health and fit­ness

Steve Jones Edi­tor / CEO Aus­tralian Nat­u­ral Bodz Steve Jones Edi­tor Nat­u­ral Bodz Mag­a­zine

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