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This is not ex­actly an ar­ti­cle on train­ing, how­ever it is ex­tremely rel­e­vant to your mus­cle build­ing goals and it can and will de­ter­mine whether you suc­ceed or fail. Do you “Bulk up” in the hope to try and gain a few ki­los of mus­cle mass? Are you car­ry­ing a lit­tle ex­cess bag­gage around your mid sec­tion? Once you have read the fol­low­ing words you may want to re eval­u­ate the bulk­ing up ap­proach in the fu­ture and that layer of fat around your waist­line. It is sci­en­tif­i­cally proven that gain­ing ad­di­tional body fat has no ben­e­fits other than in­creas­ing y our chances of de­creas­ing lean mus­cle, low­er­ing Testos­terone lev­els and de­vel­op­ing a set of man boobs. In fact lat­est re­search has proven that fat cells cre­ate Aro­matase an en­zyme that con verts Testos­terone into Es­tro­gen. Aro­matase en­zymes re­duce lev­els of testos­terone which then al­lows the form­ing of ab­dom­i­nal fat that pro­duces more Aro­matase en­zymes re­sult­ing in more for­ma­tion of Es­tro­gen. The ad­di­tional bulk (fat) that is gained dur­ing a typ­i­cal off sea­son ac­tu­ally serves the op­po­site pur­pose of what y ou set out to achiev e. To build mus­cle and burn fat your body needs to have a higher testos­terone and lower es­tro­gen ra­tio, bulk­ing up re­verses the sce­nario. You can see this is a self de­feat­ing cy­cle prov­ing the old the­ory of bulk­ing up has noth­ing to do with the ac­tual gain in lean mus­cle tis­sue. There may be a few die hard train­ers from the old-school who be­lieve bulk­ing up still works but I am afraid they can’t ar­gue with sci­ence. This re­search is of vi­tal im­por­tance to nat­u­ral ath­letes who are seek­ing to in­crease lean mus­cle mass and keep Es­tro­gen and Aro­matase in check. The big mes­sage here is sta y as lean as y ou can to k eep your Testos­terone/Es­tro­gen bal­ance stacked in your favour. Remember the fat­ter you get the higher your Es­tro­gen lev­els and the lower y our Testos­terone! Not the ideal sit­u­a­tion for build­ing a lean mus­cu­lar physique.

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