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Star let­ter

Australian T3 - - RADAR -

Mario’s next move?

Nin­tendo should do a Sega and cre­ate soft­ware only. They’d make a for­tune if they didn’t have to build their con­soles, as all those people out there with PlayS­ta­tions would love to play Mario and Zelda games. Wisen up, Nin­tendo – we want your clothes and your boots but f*ck your mo­tor­cy­cle. Hmm,Se­gafiled for­ban kruptcy

iWant some­thing new

Tim Cook says to ex­pect “great things” from Ap­ple in 2014 and all you can come up with is a watch and a TV? We re­ally are scrap­ing the bot­tom of the tech bar­rel now, aren’t we? alex evans via faceb ook

Tech’s ter­mi­na­tors

Google + the ac­qui­si­tion of AI and ro­bot­ics com­pa­nies = “Hasta la vista, baby”

Easy up­grades

I guar­an­tee any ex­pe­ri­enced PC gam­ing en­thu­si­ast will pass on Razer’s Project Chris­tine con­cept. It’s not meant for us, it’s meant for some­one who likes the idea of a mod­u­lar, upgrad­able sys­tem but is put off by the ap­par­ent com­plex­ity cur­rently in­volved. That­maybe, Ali, bu­tit­sure­does look­cool.

Flap­pin’ Id­iot

Cre­ator of Flappy Bird, gets $50K a day from the game, but re­moves it be­cause of mo­rons on Twit­ter? Why didn’t he just delete his Twit­ter ac­count? Travis brink via faceb ook

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