Thief Do you have ques­tion­able morals and light fin­gers? Stick this steam­punk steal-’em-up in your swag bag

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Video games have a way of warp­ing our moral­ity at the best of times (“Aim for the heads, guys”), but we have to con­fess to be­ing a lit­tle bowled over by this one. We’re no an­gels, but Square Enix’s re­boot of PC clas­sic Thief turns us into bor­der­line klep­to­ma­ni­acs. Play­ers are never very far away from some shiny bauble and the harder they are to ob­tain, the more sat­is­fy­ing they are to steal. It’s rare to find time in an ad­ven­ture to break into some­one’s house and help yourself to the con­tents of a wall safe, but here you’ll make the time.

Set in a city that seems mostly com­posed of rain­storms, Gothic spires and shad­ows, this tells the tale of Gar­rett, a skilled cut­purse on the look out for a big score. The only things stand­ing in his way are the tyran­ni­cal Baron, who con­trols the city’s guards, and a plague that’s turn­ing the lo­cal pop­u­la­tion into ca­dav­ers. While Gar­rett’s sur­round­ings may sound like hell on earth, with his preter­nat­u­ral agility and bag filled with weapons and gad­gets, they’re tons of fun to tool about in – and there’s noth­ing like the prom­ise of shiny trin­kets to make a steam­punk nightmare worth ex­plor­ing. From $70,, Out now on PC, PS4,X1, Ps3,X360

“You’ve got to pick

a pocket or two”

{Fo­cus} The open-ended struc­ture in­vites you to play it your own way, a la Dis­hon­ored, al­though the di­rect ap­proach of­ten proves fa­tal. Our ad­vice? Stick to the shad­ows and care­fully pick your light-fin­gered mo­ments

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