Gra vity

Can this IMAX 3D white-knuckle space ride sur­vive small-screen re-en­try? Turns out it can…

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The most nau­sea-in­duc­ing movie of 2013 – ex­cept Grown-Ups 2, maybe – Al­fonso Cuarón’s space spec­ta­cle took a sim­ple, twoac­tor dis­as­ter movie and pumped it up into a stomach-turn­ing bar­rage of ver­tig­i­nous drops, un­fath­omably mas­sive vis­tas and lit­er­ally un­earthly beauty. No film has cap­tured the vast, lone­some empti­ness of space like Grav­ity, and that in­cludes Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, Tarkovsky’s So­laris or even Smith’s Mo­rons From Outer Space. Un­like Life of Pi, which was 2012’s pre-em­i­nent 3D-spec­ta­cle-movie-for-people-who-aren’t-drool­ing-idiots, the para­dox­i­cal in­ti­macy of the story at Grav­ity’s heart – space new­bie San­dra Bul­lock try­ing to make her way home, abet­ted by charm­ing space-vet big mouth Ge­orge Clooney – means you can live with the scal­ing down of the vi­su­als from the lo­cal IMAX to your 50-incher. $35 3D BD, $30 BD, $25 dvd, out now

In space, no­body can hear you go,“Oooh, nice use of CGI and

very long takes”

{HD mo­ment} The only bits that aren’t a hi-def tour de force are the anti-piracy warn­ing and the screen that says, “Not for play­back on oil rigs”

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