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If you’re plan­ning a hol­i­day in 2014, the truth is any of these new high-end com­pact cam­eras would make a great travel com­pan­ion, putting semi-pro fea­tures in your pocket. It re­ally does de­pend on your budget and what you need.

At the en­try level, the Fu­ji­film is per­haps the most hand­some cam­era on test, its retro aes­thet­ics sit­ting along­side a strong spec list and a wal­let-friendly price tag. Then there’s the Pana­sonic’s Lumix LF1, a point-and-shoot cam­era with some very at­trac­tive bells and whis­tles, at a sim­i­larly ap­peal­ing price per­fect for those look­ing to ditch their phone.

At the more ex­pe­ri­enced end, the Olym­pus looks like a tiny DSLR and isn’t far off in terms of per­for­mance. That does mean it’s not that com­pact com­pared to the oth­ers on test, but is a very solid per­former. By con­trast, Canon’s of­fer­ing is the small­est, but has the swag­ger of a proper high-end com­pact. Its pic­tures are just ace.

Yet there can only be one win­ner, and Sony’s im­pres­sive RX100 II nar­rowly takes the crown, beat­ing some tough com­pe­ti­tion. It’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for: a su­per-solid chas­sis crammed with the finest op­tics and op­tions, in­clud­ing a tilt­ing LCD and hot­shoe – a rare treat on a com­pact.

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