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1/ Keep those nee­dles clean! If you’re an old-school, rude-boy ruff­neck, like my­self, you prob­a­bly started DJing with vinyl. I keep my Ser­ato setup ($ 129, store.ser­ in good nick and you should, too. 2/ Per­fect the Baby Scratch, as pretty much ev­ery scratch move comes from it. It’s an easy and

ef­fec­tive place to start – you just rub the plat­ter back and forth over the tune. 3/ Move on to the Scrib­ble Scratch, a su­per-fast Baby Scratch. Try that move around

10,000 times and you’ll be­gin to de­velop green-belt ninja-like DJ skills. 4/ Start us­ing the cross-fader in com­bi­na­tion with your scratch­ing – it will sound wicked. 5/ Make a WAV file of sounds you want to scratch, with cue points at the start of each, so that way you can whizz in and out of dif­fer­ent sounds su­per-fast. Now you’re ready…

DJ Jaguar Skills shares his, well, skills

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