its name is clio…

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And thanks to its dig­i­tal over­haul, in­clud­ing added An­droid and a ro­botic gear­box, it re­ally shines

Cap­tain, the new Clio Re­nault­sport has been as­sim­i­lated. Out goes the zingy but, dare we say, slightly gut­less, nat­u­rally as­pi­rated en­gine; in comes a turbo pow­er­house with monster map­ping. That clunky old triple-pedal man­ual gear­box has been scrapped, too, in favour of a pad­dle-shift­ing ro­botic gear­box that is the first out­side of su­per­cars able to shift down mul­ti­ple gears in one go. The ad­di­tion of the An­droid-based R-Link multimedia kit com­pletes the process. $28,790, re­

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