Re­view: Pana­sonic TX-L65WT600

Pana­sonic’s Ul­tra High­Def­i­ni­tion telly­box brings its higher frame rate to the yard. and damn right, it’s bet­ter than yours…

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It shows 4K, costs over $7K, but is it A-okay?

We’re all on board with 4K TV s pro­vid­ing the finest im­age qual­ity you can get, right? Well, now you can go one bet­ter, with a 4K telly able to han­dle higher frame rates, too. The best just got even bet­ter, but sadly no less pricey.

Pana­sonic’s TH-L65WT600A is the first TV to of­fer com­pat­i­bil­ity with high frame rate 4K, splashed across its 65-inch 3840x2160 screen. Ex­pected to be em­braced by broad­cast­ers in 2015 – al­though noth­ing’s con­firmed as yet – 50/60Hz Ul­tra HD adds a silky smooth­ness to the al­ready as­ton­ish­ing clar­ity of 4K im­ages. Test footage of high frame rate 4K looks ab­so­lutely bril­liant and, im­por­tantly, the WT600A also does a ter­rific job with up­scaled Blu-rays.

The con­nec­tions be­fit a fu­ture-proof smart telly, with four HDMIs, one of which is HDMI 2.0, and a 4K-ca­pa­ble Dis­playPort, which can be used to play 4K games at 60 frames per sec­ond via a tricked-out PC and graph­ics card.

Pana­sonic’s My Home Screen in­ter­face lets you pick the con­tent you pre­fer – cur­rently that won’t in­clude any­thing 4K, though – and in­cludes a hi-res web browser. The in­clu­sion of mul­ti­ple tuners al­lows for Mul­ti­View win­dows, watch­ing two shows at once on one screen, or one on the TV and one on your smart­phone.

This is a top TV, but with scant 4K con­tent avail­able, let alone at the high frame rate the WT600A is ca­pa­ble of, we’d ad­vise wait­ing. $7,699, Pa nas

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