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Wor­ship at the feet of this mon­u­ment to no­cost-is-too great, no-de­sign-is-too-over-the-top au­dio. The Naim State­ment am­pli­fier com­prises the NAC S1 preamp and NAP S1 mono power amps, all en­gi­neered pre­cisely to deliver the best sound pos­si­ble, while look­ing a bit like the mono­lith from 2001. The weighty power sup­ply is housed at the base and del­i­cate elec­tron­ics at the top, all sep­a­rated by a layer of acrylic that pre­vents any in­ter­fer­ence or un­wanted vi­bra­tion. Yet it’s not all about pre­ci­sion, it also makes hella noise, with two 4000VA transformers pump­ing out 746 watts. A con­tin­gency fund for sound­proof­ing, then? $227,000, Naimau­, out July

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