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Cut­ting-edge wing­suit helps you soar

Don’t just jump, soar, with Bird­man’s aero­dy­namic wing­suit

Bird­man, the high-fly­ing firm of Fin­nish sky­dive leg­end Jari Ku­osma, pro­duced the first wing­suit, The Fly­ing Squir­rel, back in 1999 and has been tweak­ing its aero­dy­nam­ics to fly faster and longer ever since. The Bird­man Katana is its most ad­vanced suit yet, an Evil Kniev­el­look­ing con­struc­tion of su­per-durable ny­lon, polyester and sail ma­te­rial that’s de­signed with a brand new drag re­duc­tion sys­tem that chan­nels air over the top of its large, ribbed wings. Jump out of an air­craft or off a cliff wear­ing this and you’ll be lifted up on air cur­rents like a very well-de­signed paper plane. Just re­mem­ber to strap on a para­chute… $1,970, bird-man.com

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