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Face­book’s money causes an on­line Rift

Well, I won’t be pur­chas­ing Face­book’s newly ac­quired Ocu­lus Rift head­set. Frankly, I can live with­out a vir­tual re­al­ity it­er­a­tion of bloody Far­mVille or what­ever ads Zucker­berg’s likely to throw at it.

mike wil­liams via faceb ook

You’re not alone, Mike, Minecraft cre­ator Markus “Notch” Persson has pulled out of cre­at­ing a new ver­sion for the head­set. There are people that are more pos­i­tive about Face­book’s in­put, though…

This ac­qui­si­tion will make the Ocu­lus Rift cheaper and more use­ful. It’s not go­ing to lose fo­cus on gam­ing, it will just do more.

rob barker via faceb ook

Turn to p9 for the full story on this ex­cit­ing new vir­tual re­al­ity arms race.

Black­Berry upsets fans with le­gal stand

In­stead of us­ing its money in court, why doesn’t Black­Berry tighten se­cu­rity, or ac­tu­ally be­gin mak­ing bet­ter smart­phones rather than empty threats? Do­minique Sa mpan g via faceb ook

An­droids come of age

The HTC One M8, with its brushed metal grey case, looks like a work of art. I strug­gled to think of a way HTC could im­prove on last year’s One, but it’s gone and done it. Along with the Sony Xpe­ria Z2, An­droid has scrubbed up well.

Im­tiaz Fa­rooq via faceb ook

Head to p59 for a full re­view of the HTC One M8, plus a look at its big­gest An­droid-pow­ered com­peti­tor, the Galaxy S5.

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