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When con­cerns were raised about ex­pos­ing preg­nant women to ra­di­a­tion via X-rays it was de­cided there must be a bet­ter way. Rather than risk turn­ing the un­born into some­thing from The Hills Have Eyes, 1961 saw David Robin­son and Ge­orge Kos­soff from the Ul­tra­sonic Re­search Group of the Com­mon­wealth Acous­tic Lab­o­ra­to­ries de­velop Aus­tralia’s first ul­tra­sound scan­ner.

The CAL Echo­scope wasn’t the first use of ul­tra­sound tech­nol­ogy, but the Aus­tralian-de­vel­oped grey-scale ul­tra­sound was more ef­fec­tive than other scan­ners and cheaper, too.

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