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Are two screens re­ally bet­ter than one? That’s the ques­tion posed by this Rus­sian hand­set, with an LCD out front and a Kin­dle-style, bat­tery-sav­ing e-ink dis­play on the back.

First to those two screens: the big bezels waste a lot of space, mak­ing the dis­plays feel smaller than they re­ally are. The main one is a be­lowa­v­er­age 720p 4.3-incher, while the rear 360x640 e-ink num­ber suf­fers from a se­vere lack of con­trast as well as a de­lay in re­spon­sive­ness.

Run­ning a vanilla ver­sion of An­droid 4.2.2, an ex­tra menu tab of­fers ac­cess to the back screen’s spe­cially de­signed apps. Ges­ture recog­ni­tion can also send screen­shots of what you’re read­ing on the LCD dis­play to the e-ink screen, as switch­ing your blogs, ar­ti­cles and travel de­tails to the back screen will eek out the bat­tery con­sid­er­ably.

Strangely, the 13-megapixel rear cam­era is lo­cated at the hand­set’s base rather than the top, which isn’t ideal for fram­ing shots. It also per­forms poorly in low light, with se­ri­ous grain. Many nig­gles, then, but it’s a first at­tempt. We hope the re­cently an­nounced sec­ond-gen model ups its game.

love In­no­va­tive idea. E-ink screen is a bat­tery saver hate Bezels too thick. Front screen not up to scratch. Poorly po­si­tioned and per­form­ing cam­era T3 says An in­ter­est­ing con­cept, for sure, but there are a lot of kinks to be ironed out here

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