The ul­ti­mate cup of tea

Fancy a cuppa? For­get your teapot, use this luxe sci­ence ex­per­i­ment

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WHAT BET­TER WAY TO re­lax than with the per­fect cup of char? BKON’s Craft Brewer is the world’s most high-tech teapot, us­ing a process known as re­verse at­mo­spheric in­fu­sion (RAI) to cre­ate brews wor­thy of a multi-thou­sand­dol­lar price tag. Grab a bis­cuit and we’ll ex­plain how it works…

Place loose tea leaves and wa­ter in the brew­ing cham­ber and air is drawn out to cre­ate a vac­uum. This neg­a­tive pres­sure in­side the cham­ber causes the leaves to rise to the wa­ter’s sur­face, suck­ing ev­ery last bit of flavour out; when the vac­uum is re­leased, all of that com­plex taste re­mains.

This process is re­peated for 60 to 90 sec­onds, with vari­ables like wa­ter temp tweaked to en­sure a tip-top cuppa. Per­fect con­di­tions for 200 tea types can be ac­cessed via the touch­screen, so no need to stick to builder’s, and it even cleans it­self. $13,900, bkon­, out spring

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