Beatle­ma­nia’s back, driv­ing mayhem, Lego at it again

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A Hard Day’s Night

blu -ra y Ar­guably the best mu­sic movie ever, AHardDay’s Night still holds up, thanks to a sharp script and the Fab Four’s charisma. Let’s see if the Bieber movie is watch­able in 50 years. $35 BD, out now Non-stop

blu -ra y Liam Nee­son is a U.S. Air Mar­shal with an Ir­ish ac­cent who beats bad guys up on a plane. Nee­son’s work as Hol­ly­wood’s most like­able tough guy continues. $30 BD, out now The Lego Movie

blu -ra y An ab­so­lute riot of blocky de­tail, this is one for big tel­lies. It’s more fran­tic than funny, though, and hav­ing an anti-busi­ness mes­sage in an ex­tended toy ad­vert jars just a tad. $27 BD, out now Need for Speed

blu -ra y Aaron “Jesse out of Break­ingBad! (Bitch!)” Paul classes up this gam­ing-brand cross-me­di­asyn­ergy cash grab, aided by sur­pris­ingly well done, old-school car ac­tion. $27 BD, out Au­gust 6

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