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POR­TAL AND LEFT4DEAD de­vel­oper Valve cor­nered the PC gam­ing mar­ket with its Steam gam­ing store, but the firm’s in­trigu­ing at­tempt to re­boot the brand as a liv­ing-room con­cern and take on next-gen con­soles with Steam Ma­chines has been a slow burn. For one, the new con­troller, which seeks to merge mouse and key­board with a joy­pad, is yet to be fin­ished: the hap­tic disc and pad con­fig­u­ra­tion are re-imag­ined and newly 3D printed for each expo (we like the “Guard” but­ton on the rear that re­acts when you grip, mind). Mean­while, the li­censed ma­chines have been pushed back to a 2015 launch.

With the be­spoke, Linux-based OS al­ready free to down­load to any PC and Steam’s Big Pic­ture mode let­ting you play on your TV via HDMI, we won­der where the mar­ket is. Alien­ware does, too: it’s pre­dicted that its own Steam Ma­chine will be its worst-sell­ing model. From US$500, valvesoft­, out 2015

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