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01 for fans of the clas­sics

Australian T3 - - RATED -

$170, BEO­PLAY.COM The 30-year-old Form 2 cans have been dragged into the smart­phone era with the ad­di­tion of an in-line re­mote. It’s safe to call these a de­sign clas­sic, but with so few changes made since their eight­ies re­lease, are they still able to keep up?

The sound is warm but bright, with em­pha­sis on the mid and up­per ranges. Drum ’n’ bass is a lit­tle out­side their ex­per­tise, but stick to acous­tic and clas­si­cal and you’re in for a treat. Sadly, so is ev­ery­one near you – these leak a lot of sound due to the semi-open de­sign. Try not to bob your head in time to Sym­phony No.5, ei­ther; the loose fit is prone to slip­ping. T3 Says Clas­sic look in need of a sonic boost

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