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The man that moulds tech’s fu­ture, from PDAs to the in­ter­net of things

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In­ter­net of things? This man’s mould­ing it

TIME TO DOFF our METAPHOR­I­CAL CAPS, ONCE MORE, at those whose in­ge­nu­ity has helped form our dig­i­tal play­things. While tech has many in­ven­tors, de­sign­ers and en­trepreneurs, it’s rare to come across some­one who is all three; Tony Fadell is one.

Orig­i­nally known for his time at Ap­ple, where he came up with the pro­to­type for the first iPod, Fadell founded Nest Labs in 2010, where his aim to rev­o­lu­tionise con­nected home tech beat his pre­vi­ous em­ployer to the punch by a cool four years.

With an Ap­ple-like line of smart ther­mostats and smoke alarms you’d be proud to dis­play on your wall like art, and Google snap­ping up his firm for a cool US$3.2bn, Fadell’s time is now.

Ap­ple iPod 2001 Fadell cre­ated the con­cept and ini­tial de­sign of ap­ple’s first mp3 player, mould­ing the click­wheel that pops up again in his de­signs for nest.

Ap­ple iSight 2003 be­fore the cu­per­tino firm was able to place a we­b­cam in­side a screen, this did the hon­ours. overly heavy and with a no­tice­able de­lay, but the tubu­lar de­sign was nifty.

Nest Pro­tect 2013 this app-con­nected, smart smoke alarm’s ges­ture con­trols had a few teething prob­lems, but now it’s back with a lower price but just as swish.

Philips Nino 1999 A pc that fit­ted in your palm, with a touch­screen op­er­ated by a sty­lus. sound fa­mil­iar? This ph­ablet grandaddy may not be as slick as fadell’s ap­ple or nest kit, but shows an ob­ses­sion with in­no­va­tion.

Philips Velo 1997 one of the orig­i­nal hand­held PDA s,this weighed around 500g, with both a key­board and 480x240 greyscale screen. it’s one small step from this to the touch­screen-only nino.

Sony Magic Link 1994 be­fore the velo or the nino, there was this spec­trum-like crazi­ness. Just a screen, with a built-in mo­dem, plug-in keys and hella ac­ces­sories.

Nest ther­mo­stat 2011 the ul­ti­mate combo of de­sign and tech, this classy wall hang­ing learns what heatyou like your abode and man­ages it for you.

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