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The arti­est bar­be­cue of all time

Part bar­be­cue, part work of art, all French: this is out­door cook­ing straight from your sci-fi dreams

The French do things dif­fer­ently. The Sculp­ture Brasero Bar­be­cue Ce­sarré Kara, then, isn’t so much a bar­be­cue as an ooh-la-la- be­cue. The au­teur be­hind this work of culi­nary art, Ber­trand Char­rier, says he cre­ated the range to “take into ac­count that bar­be­cues spend more time un­lit than lit”. It looks like a por­tal to another di­men­sion, or an al­tar on which evil space priests make sac­ri­fices to an­cient gods. But it’s ac­tu­ally a big grill on which rich peo­ple cook large prawns. Made of black, elec­tro-gal­va­nized steel, it weighs 150 ki­los, with a 50cm2 grill that’s re­move­able for easy clean­ing. Is it a tad costly? Mais oui, bien sûr! US$7,300, ce­sarre.fr

The Kara is part of the Scul pture Brasero range Also avail­able: Aral and java BB Qs, Ceram cof­fee ta­ble with cen­tral hearth (pic­tured top) and Iyo seat­ing, in pow­dered steel for your bum-numb­ing con­ve­nience. De­signer Ber­trand Char­rier co mes fro m “A long line of Vend ée cabi­net mak­ers ” and Is ins pired by “tri mming , sub­tle patina , ma­te­ri­als , tools , smells , melt­ing , fin­ish­ing ”. Yes , he ’s French .

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