Australian T3 - - RADAR -

1 Frame rate

The solid alu­minium en­doskele­ton frame comes in three sizes, from mini (118x45x9.7mm) to large (164x91x9.7mm). It acts as con­nec­tor and power source for your mod­ules.

2 Colour palate

The 3D-printed mod­ules will come in all man­ner of cus­tomis­able colour op­tions. You’ll be de­sign­ing your own in no time.

3 Spe­cial skills

Spe­cialised mod­ules could run the gamut from cam­eras to laser point­ers and pico pro­jec­tors.

4 Grand prize

Google has chal­lenged devel­op­ment teams to build mod­ules for Project Ara, with the goal of scoop­ing US$100,000 in prize money.

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