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Mira ge

Again tak­ing na­ture for in­spi­ra­tion, this de­sign by Ve­loc­ity Open favours a smooth sculpted body with printed or­ganic pat­terns adding strength be­neath. A syn­thetic shark­skin im­print aids aero­dy­nam­ics and mal­leable plas­tic lay­ered on top of the hard shell prom­ises to ab­sorb im­pact.

Aer­obla de

Look­ing not un­like a KTM X-Bow coloured in with a neon high­lighter pen, the Aer­ob­lade was de­signed by iMan and aims to cre­ate unique aero­dy­nam­ics by fun­nel­ing air through its over­lap­ping blades. It’s an en­tirely one-piece con­struc­tion, too – from seats to dash to trim.

This open-top de­sign be­gan with two ba­sic shapes: an en­velop­ing struc­ture round the driver and a cen­tral spine to keep the chas­sis rigid. De­signer Brau­narsh then did away with the doors, opt­ing for swoop­ing pil­lars for a bit of panache.

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