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Australian T3 - - RADAR -

Rock ’n’ roll

Klax­ons have an­nounced the world’s first 3D-printed live tour, with ev­ery­thing, from gui­tars and amps, to the per­for­mance, like, well plas­tic. klax­


Why, yes, there are now open-source sex toys of var­i­ous shapes and sizes to down­load free. Just pick a file and make sure you have enough plas­tic. free, dildo-gen­er­a­

Ping Pong

This noble, wiff-waffing sport has been handed its Ex­cal­ibur in the form of Air­ball, a 3D-printed pro­jec­tile that’s flex­i­ble yet im­pos­si­ble to dent. from US$10, launch­

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