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Australian T3 - - RADAR -

{ vir­tual re­al­ity } Gam­ing’s fu­ture gets a low-tech reimag­in­ing

Then: The Ocu­lus Rift and Project Mor­pheus VR head­sets were hits at E3 and even big­ger hits as the stars of the last T3.

Now: Google’s Card­board head­set (above) and ru­moured Sam­sung Gear VR gog­gles aim to use your smart­phone’s screen

and head-track­ing soft­ware. {ro­bot­ics} The robot up­ris­ing is wor­ry­ing politi­cians Then: In last month’s is­sue we said ro­bots could re­place 47 per

cent of jobs within 20 years. Now: UK politi­cian David Wil­letts wor­ries stu­dents by claim­ing that jobs re­quir­ing “high-level cog­ni­tive

skills” were most at risk. Iron­i­cally, he was then fired – but not re­placed by a droid.

{ pri­vacy } Sydney Opal cards go anony­mous

Then: Last month re­ports emerged that Opal cards al­lowed Trans­port NSW to col­lect data on

each of its users. Now: Sev­eral kiosks are now open around NSW al­low­ing users to

pur­chase ‘un­reg­is­tered’ Opal cards, thus al­low­ing sweet, sweet

anony­mous travel.

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