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blu -ra y, HD Down­load On the face of it: FatherTed, theMis­eryYears. In fact: a thought-pro­vok­ing film about for­give­ness, faith and hu­man­ity that you should all watch. Also: the most Ir­ish thing ever made. $35 BD, $30 DL, out now Locke

blu -ra y, HD Down­load Who’d have thought you could make a grip­ping film about a man driv­ing a car whilst tak­ing phone calls largely re­lat­ing to ce­ment? Tom Hardy’s tries on yet another strange ac­cent. $35 BD, $30 DL, out now The Dou­ble

blu -ra y, HD Down­load Jesse Eisen­berg is equally tire­some in two roles here, and helmer Richard Ayoade’s in­flu­ences – Gil­liam, Jonze, the Coens – are too ob­vi­ous. The end­ing is good… but also wel­come. $35 BD, $30 DL, out now Noah

blu -ra y, HD Down­load Star Rus­sell Crowe and direc­tor Dar­ren Aronof­sky bring to bear all the sub­tlety and un­der­state­ment for which they’re famed on this Bib­li­cal epic. In short: rain, beards, shout­ing. $30 BD, $25 DL, out Au­gust 27

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