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We sit in a chair for an av­er­age 8.9 hours a day, which is a long time to be hunched over like Quasi­modo.

Fol­low Doc­tor Pos­ture’s top tips…

1/ Key­board setup – It should be at the height of your re­laxed el­bows and near your tummy so as to avoid el­e­vat­ing the shoul­ders

or over-reach­ing with the arms. 2/ Screen level – Try and get the top of your dis­play at eye level; the big­ger the screen the less stress. If you are work­ing with a lap­top give se­ri­ous con­sid­er­a­tion to get­ting a sep­a­rate key­board and el­e­vate the screen. 3/ Sit bit – Place your bum near the front of your seat; a for­ward-tilt­ing chair is more comfy. And use the built-in back sup­port – if you don’t, your head is an un­bal­anced bag

of pota­toes drag­ging you down. 4/ If all else fails – Lumo at­taches to your cloth­ing, mon­i­tor­ing body pos­ture via the Lumo Lift app, then sends an alert if you be­gin to slouch (US$ 99, lu­mo­

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