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With decades of gad­geteer­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, Tech Dad has the an­swers to all your fa­mil­ial co­nun­drums Dear Tech Dad, Our fam­ily’s off to Bali, but my daugh­ter burns eas­ily. Could you rec­om­mend a UV mon­i­tor? SEAN UVSunSense wrist­bands are a good choice. When you ap­ply sun cream, make sure you also smear it on to the band, which mea­sures UVA and UVB rays and changes colour as pro­tec­tion wears off. When it’s pale pink, it’s time to ap­ply cream. $13, fish­pond.com.au Dear Tech Dad, How can we pre­vent our young Hou­dini wrig­gling out of his car seat har­ness? TERRI The 5 Point Plus Anti Es­cape Sys­tem’s soft ny­lon shield fits be­tween gaps in the har­ness, pre­vent­ing es­cape artists from slip­ping their arms un­der the straps. $38, 5point­plus.com Dear Tech Dad, Are there any elec­tronic ther­mome­ters that don’t re­quire be­ing placed un­der the tongue, armpit or, worse, up the bum? PAUL/POOLE The Brother Max 3-in-1 Dig­i­tal Ther­mome­ter is a less in­va­sive op­tion, tak­ing less than two sec­onds to de­cide if your whip­per­snap­per’s re­ally ill or just doesn’t want to go to school. Pain­less to use and ac­cu­rate to within 0.2˚C. $80, broth­er­max.com.au

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