Australian T3 - - RATED -

Love Front cam­era handy for selfie ad­dicts. De­sign is light and at­trac­tive. Fast 4G Hate Screen res­o­lu­tion is av­er­age. Some­times un­re­spon­sive touch­screen T3 Says Never more than com­pe­tent, but far from un­nat­trac­tive for the bud­get price An­droid is rather cu­ri­ous, with ugly icons lit­ter­ing the screen in the ab­sence of a cen­tral apps folder. The third home screen has Tools and Google Apps fold­ers, while the main win­dow is dom­i­nated by a big “Me” wid­get with se­lect con­tacts, weather and other info. It’s not bad but if you’re an An­droid afi­cionado, it takes some get­ting used to.

It’s the case with the G6 as a whole. As slim as an iPhone 5S and with a fast pro­ces­sor on pa­per, it’s alas rather slug­gish in prac­tice and, in terms of wow fac­tor, about as far from an Ap­ple hand­set as we can imag­ine. But for the price, it’s still not to be sniffed at.

Jaw­bone Era

If you must wear a Blue­tooth head­set, you may as well wear the best. This is tiny and fits the ear

per­fectly, while audio is strong, with so­phis­ti­cated noise can­cel­la­tion. Some neat fin­ishes, too. $150, jaw bone.com

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