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There are good points to be made on both sides of #Gamer­gate. But if you can’t ex­press them like a hu­man be­ing, kindly f**k off…

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The on­line gaming com­mu­nity has been tear­ing into it­self of late over what was at one point or other known as #Gamer­Gate. It’s a colos­sal hub­bub that’s seen those who write about games and those who play them en­gaged in Mor­tal Kom­bat.

Have no idea what I’m on about? Lucky you. It was kick­started by an on­line post in which a for­mer lover re­vealed in­ti­mate de­tails about his re­la­tion­ship with a fe­male game de­vel­oper. The ins and outs of this re­la­tion­ship, of course, were no­body’s business ex­cept the peo­ple in­volved, but this didn’t stop a large con­tin­gent heap­ing as much bile and mis­ery on those in­volved as pos­si­ble from the com­fort of their key­boards.

Those who sup­ported the dev feel she’s the vic­tim of a witch hunt and that her pri­vate life has no bear­ing on her work. How­ever, the com­plaint from the other side was that jour­nal­ists, devs and PRs had too close a re­la­tion­ship. Fur­ther­more, that out­lets the gaming com­mu­nity used to trust for news and reviews had been hi­jacked by “so­cial jus­tice war­riors”, a lovely term for writ­ers who point out is­sues of misogyny and sex­ism in gaming; or, co­in­ci­den­tally, sim­i­lar is­sues around at­tack­ing a game dev for be­ing a woman.

Even so, the most de­press­ing as­pect of #Gamer­Gate is that no space ex­ists to put for­ward a ra­tio­nal ar­gu­ment be­tween very crudely drawn “sides”. Scribes on both are burned on Twit­ter, slashed on Face­book and in some in­stances, doxed, be­fore the ink on their op-ed is dry. Many are too in­tim­i­dated to wade in.

This is a prob­lem. There may very well be gen­uine con­cerns at the heart of it all, but un­til they’re able to be aired with­out a tor­rent of abuse, and in turn han­dled with re­spect, the true is­sues won’t be ex­am­ined at all.

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