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Australian T3 - - RATED -

US$130, ama­ Mon­ster claims its lit­tle speaker is “The world’s small­est au­dio­phile speaker.” We’re not sure about that, but it does put out a very pleas­ing noise for its price. The bass is punchy, the mid-range tight, and the ef­fect is es­pe­cially pleas­ing on vo­cal­heavy tracks.

You can’t com­plain about a lack of vol­ume ei­ther, although it goes up so loud that you start to get a bit of dis­tor­tion at its up­per lim­its. Add a wa­ter-resistant, rub­berised build, a bat­tery that’ll last about five-ten hours and just-about-pock­etable size and it’s a ster­ling Blue­tooth con­tender. T3 Says De­centsoud­ing por­ta­ble with no lack of vol­ume

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