Re­turn­ing play­ers can move their as­sets, char­ac­ters and kit from last-gen plat­forms. Bring your bling to next gen!

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Let’s face it: Grand Theft Auto V on new gen­er­a­tion con­soles was al­ways go­ing to hap­pen. What play­ers didn’t know was how Rock­star was plan­ning to im­prove on its open-world be­he­moth when it landed on Xbox One and PlaySta­tion 4.

Los San­tos was al­ways a sprawl­ing metro­plex packed to the rafters with quests, ac­tiv­i­ties and equip­ment for play­ers to get stuck right into, but GTA V on next gen­er­a­tion takes Rock­star’s al­ready im­pres­sive vi­sion and goes widescreen. For what it’s worth, the PC ver­sion – pen­cilled in for a Jan­uary 27 re­lease, should the gods be kind – will look even bet­ter than con­sole ver­sions, with support for a colos­sal 4K res­o­lu­tion, so you can max­imise your brand­new 4K screen splurge.

With new ve­hi­cles, new weapons, new wildlife and new ra­dio DJ mixes, GTA V ex­pands the size of the game’s on­line mode con­sid­er­ably. Up to 30 play­ers can now cause shenani­gans in Los San­tos, and all in-game up­grades and de­vel­oper-cre­ated con­tent will be avail­able too. Play­ers can trans­fer their GTA On­line char­ac­ters to the new plat­forms with all their as­sets and equip­ment in­tact. FROM $90, ROCK­STARGAMES.COM/V/, OUT NOW ON X1 AND PS4

Cause chaos on the streets of Los San­tos with up to 30 other car thieves

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