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Ev­ery spin along Forza Hori­zon2‘ s coastal roads feels like a hol­i­day by the Euro­pean sea­side. It’s a beau­ti­ful, leisurely ex­pe­ri­ence that can trans­form into a thrilling white-knuckle test of your rac­ing skills at a mo­ment’s no­tice.

As you ex­plore the game’s sun-kissed open world – a con­densed ver­sion of north­ern Italy and south­ern France – you’ll un­lock 700 or so driv­ing events, which you can then pick and choose from as you go. Dur­ing your ex­plo­ration you’ll also ran­domly en­counter po­ten­tial op­po­nents (called dri­vatars, th­ese are AI driver pro­files that mimic the driv­ing styles of your friends and other play­ers). Chal­lenge them to a race and your en­gine’s gen­tle put­ter be­comes an ag­gres­sive roar, tear­ing through vine­yards, small towns and moun­tain passes. Per­haps a lit­tle more va­ri­ety in the game’s land­scape would not have gone astray, but we’ve greatly en­joyed the time we’ve spent and that’s largely due to the game’s sense of place.

Sure, the en­vi­ron­ment’s pretty, but a game like this is meant to be all about the cars, and Forza Hori­zon2’ s line-up is enor­mous. Whether you want to sacrifice speed for class in a vin­tage As­ton Martin, or test your re­flexes in one of the game’s many hy­per­cars, this has the wheels for you. As far as open world rac­ers go, you won’t find a bet­ter se­lec­tion.

Forza Hori­zon2 caters to rac­ing fans of all skill lev­els, and it’s one of few rac­ers that’s about more than just win­ning and los­ing. There’s no need for con­stant com­pe­ti­tion when just driv­ing through the world can be fun enough.


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