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The good news is that when the robots rise up to de­stroy hu­mankind, the grass is go­ing to be per­fectly man­i­cured.

Few peo­ple know about Asi­mov’s fourth law of ro­bot­ics: “A ro­bot must do all the crap that hu­mans don’t want to do”, which fits in nicely with the Worx Lan­droid M. This lit­tle au­ton­o­mous buggy drives around your lawn slic­ing your grass and keep­ing it neat, with­out any in­ter­rup­tion from hu­man hands. It’s not per­fect – you’ll need to run a bound­ary wire around your yard be­fore start­ing, it strug­gles to get up close to the edges, and will run right over any low ob­sta­cles – so be sure to thor­oughly clear the yard first. But for the free­dom to drink post-lawn­mow­ing beer with­out hav­ing to push around a hulk of grass cut­ting metal, it’s a bar­gain. $1,199, worx­lan­

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