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iPhone 6 The iPhone 6 has had a big up­grade to its CPU, with the A8 chip now pro­vid­ing more power but with less of an im­pact on bat­tery. How­ever, it’s only du­al­core, and there’s just 1GB of RAM.

The cu­ri­ous thing about iPhones is that de­spite hard­ware that isn’t bleed­ing-edge on pa­per, in terms of real-life use they still al­ways re­ally im­press – it’s prob­a­bly a func­tion of Ap­ple mak­ing both the hard­ware and the OS, so they’re more ef­fi­ciently in­te­grated. That’s the case with the 6, which usu­ally doesn’t feel slower than its Galaxy ri­val, de­spite the spec sheet sug­gest­ing oth­er­wise.

The new pro­ces­sor also im­proves on the no­to­ri­ously poor bat­tery life of the iPhone 5S. Com­bined with the larger power pack, it means you won’t be putting your phone down fully charged only to pick it up again an hour later to find the bat­tery bar sus­pi­ciously re­duced.

Galaxy Al­pha …How­ever, it’s hard to beat raw power and, with a blaz­ing oc­ta­core Exynos CPU and 2GB of RAM, the Al­pha has plenty of that – es­pe­cially when it’s push­ing the lean An­droid OS.

As a re­sult, scrolling is no­tice­ably smoother on the Sam­sung Galaxy Al­pha than on the iPhone, and we sus­pect it’ll re­main fu­ture-proofed against en­ve­lope-push­ing game devs for longer.

And what about the idea of be­ing able to dump the charger for a lit­tle bit longer? De­spite hav­ing the same quoted bat­tery life for talk time – though talk­ing is low on the list of many smart­phone users’ pri­or­i­ties – the Al­pha goes slightly eas­ier on the bat­tery than the iPhone, even in heavy use.

That’s tes­ta­ment to how clev­erly the Al­pha man­ages its eight cores, with those em­ployed to shift poly­gons in graph­i­cally-de­mand­ing games pow­er­ing down when you’re us­ing the kitchen timer.

Bet­ter bat­tery Ap­ple knew it had to do some­thing about the iffy stamina of pre­vi­ous iPhones. It did, thanks to a more ef­fi­cient op­er­at­ing sys­tem/ pro­ces­sor combo and larger bat­tery pack.

The ver­dict

Galaxy Al­pha In terms of per­for­mance, th­ese two phones are pretty closely matched, but the Al­pha’s

bet­ter bat­tery life and more-pow­er­ful-on-pa­per pro­ces­sor give it the edge

in this depart­ment.

Speed king The Al­pha is re­ally rather swift, whether you’re brows­ing, gaming or videoedit­ing on the go. Thanks to clever power man­age­ment it’s also got even bet­ter stamina than the iPhone too.

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