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iPhone 6 The most ob­vi­ous change here is Ap­ple’s embrace of larger screens. Out goes the four­inch Retina Dis­play of the 5S and in comes a big 4.7 inches of Retina Dis­play HD.

As with the iden­ti­cally-sized Al­pha, that’s HD as in 720p, rather than 1080p – what is this, 2008? – with a res­o­lu­tion of 1134x768 or 326ppi.

While the screen looks dandy in iso­la­tion, with its icons seem­ingly float­ing just un­der the glass, put it next to a full-HD phone such as the HTC One (M8) and you will see a dif­fer­ence in sharp­ness – odd, given that Ap­ple pretty much es­tab­lished screen res­o­lu­tion as a key sell­ing point.

On the other hand, our com­par­i­son is with the Al­pha and in terms of res­o­lu­tion, colour and over­all qual­ity, this more or less matches that.

Where it wins out, how­ever, is in terms of feel – it’s just that bit more high-end.

Galaxy Al­pha When it comes to screen size, Sam­sung has made the op­po­site jour­ney to Ap­ple, es­chew­ing the very large and enor­mous, re­spec­tively, dis­plays on the Galaxy S5 and Note 3 for a 4.7-inch, 720p/312ppi pack­age.

The iPhone 6 screen is a lit­tle more high-res than the Al­pha’s then, but the main dif­fer­en­tia­tor is that Sam­sung uses Su­per AMOLED rather than LCD. As a re­sult, blacks are re­ally crisp and colours ex­tremely vi­brant – though you can ad­just the colour tone to your own pref­er­ence if you find them pop­ping too much. As a handy side ef­fect, AMOLED is kinder on the bat­tery, too.

De­sign-wise, the Galaxy Al­pha is the most gor­geous phone Sam­sung has ever cre­ated, but it’s not in the same league as the Ap­ple due to its plas­tic back – though, on the other hand, that prob­a­bly does aid its mo­bile re­cep­tion.

This is Ap­ple’s thinnestever phone, and it uses the same ce­ramic-like ma­te­rial as the iPad Air, mak­ing it a truly tac­tile treat. As noted be­fore, it feels thin­ner than the Al­pha, though it’s not.

The Al­pha doesn’t sit in the hand as nicely as the iPhone, nor does it feel as pleas­ing. Sam­sung’s AMOLED screen

is more ‘poppy’ than Ap­ple’s LCD, but per­haps

slightly less sharp. The Galaxy Al­pha now has a stur­dier build than the S5, with a stylish metal­lic band around the edge. The re­mov­able plas­tic back is less plush, but does mean you can swap the bat­tery if you wish.

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iPhone 6 Slimmed down

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